5 Game of Thrones Patterns You Should Be Knitting

I can’t believe Game of Thrones is back! It’s my favorite (currently airing) TV show, and I feel as if I’ve been waiting for its return for a lifetime. If you haven’t seen Game of Thrones yet, you should try it out (but you should probably do it after the little ones go to bed). I’ve recently been hit by inspiration, and I’m dying to combine my love of this fantastically written series with the wonderful knitting world. I hope you enjoy this list of Game of Thrones-inspired projects. If you are seasons behind, there may be spoilers ahead. Just keep in mind these words of warning: “The night is dark and full of terrors.”

1. Stormborn Shawl by Kristen Ashbaugh-Helmreich

game of thrones shawl

Inspired by Daenerys Targaryen, who earned the name Stormborn thanks to a vast storm that thundered the night she was born, this shawl is just as powerful and inspiring as this fearsome character. Daenerys is also known as the Mother of Dragons, as she took three fossilized eggs into a raging fire and returned with three live dragons. The red and the lace pattern suits her family symbol (a red three-headed dragon) perfectly.

2. Weirwood Cowl by Andrea Krüß-Anders

game of thrones knits

The Weirwood trees in Westeros are the most stunning trees I’ve ever seen, real or fictional. They have bark whiter than a birch tree and the most beautiful scarlet leaves. These trees live for centuries, and objects made from them are said to last as long as stone. When the trees die, they do not rot; they remain standing for thousands of years. This cowl is stunning and a great testament to these unique trees. Be sure to try this pattern with a gradient yarn.

3. Tyrion’s Gift by Lara Smoot

game of thrones

Tyrion Lannister’s gift comes with a tragic story of love and betrayal. Tyrion was in love with a woman named Shae, and they were very happy together. But his father forced them to separate and made Tyrion marry another woman. Worried for Shae’s safety, he sent her away against her wishes, but as a parting gift to show his love, he had a shawl in the color of his house made for her. Later, he finds that she’s betrayed him by sleeping with his father and kills both of them in a fit of rage. Think this stuff only happens in the world of fantasy? Read more history. This shawl is a beautiful homage to Tyrion’s love and the beauty that was Shae.

4. Game of Thrones, House Stark:
Direwolf Illusion by Louise Williams

game of thrones

Each house in the Game of Thrones universe has a sigil (a symbol) and a motto. House Stark, home to the series’ most beloved but unfortunate characters, uses a gray direwolf as its sigil (direwolves are a close relative to regular wolves, but they are larger and stronger). Its motto is “Winter is Coming,” which has become a fan favorite. This blanket is a stunning tribute to this house and show. I am rather obsessed with illusion knitting because I love the idea of a secret message being revealed.

5. Melisandre by Purrlescent

game of thrones

Melisandre, the Red Woman, is a Red Priestess in a religion that worships the Lord of Light. She is centuries old and has carved out a life from her humble beginnings as a slave. Not much is known about her character, but blind faith in her purpose and the Lord of Light has caused her to do many horrible things. These socks perfectly capture the elegance and mystery of the Red Woman.

What are you knitting during this season of Game of Thrones? What did we miss on this list?

Happy knitting,

Sarah Rothberg

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