5 Baby Sweater Patterns for Your Little Animals

KnittedBabySweatersDVDAllyson Dykhuizen’s popular video Knitted Baby Sweaters has encouraged knitters everywhere to get creative with their knitting—specifically with knitting baby sweaters. Allyson’s video walks knitters through basic sweater knitting elements and challenges knitters to think outside the box with different ways to customize their baby sweater patterns.

From stripes to colorblocking and everything in between, Knitted Baby Sweaters is a smorgasbord of customizable options for knitting baby sweater patterns. But sometimes we knitters just like to have things planned out for us. As much as I like designing knitted pieces, I also like to be able to turn off that part of my brain and simply follow a pattern to achieve exactly what I want without having to do all the math up front. And what I wanted, after seeing the knitted baby sweaters included in the videos options, were patterns for those absolutely darling little animal baby sweaters.  Littleanimals_cover

Many of my friends are having babies now, and what makes a better “welcome baby” gift than a knitted cardigan? There are five baby sweater patterns to choose from in the Little Animals collection—the little bear on the cover includes pockets and gently rounded ears. We think this little bear is so unbearably cute (pun totally intended), we created the Baby Bear Sweater Kit to go with it! The kit comes with the eBook, Knitted Baby Sweaters video, and enough Cascade Yarns 220 Superwash to knit the three smallest sizes of the baby bear sweater.

bear knitting pattern for baby

There’s also a little calico cat pattern. The pockets and ears are each in two different colors, and tiny whiskers and “splotches” are worked in duplicate stitch when the cardigan is finished. Little Animals Cat sweater2 Little animals cat sweater

This little piggy sweater can to go market, or home, or anywhere in between while making sure your little animal will be the cutest of the bunch. It even has a little curlicue tail! Little Animals Pig Sweater back Little Animals Pig cardigan front

The little zebra cardigan is a simple baby pattern to knit, worked in black and white stripes. Black pockets adorn the front (I realize babies don’t really need pockets but they’re so stinking cute!) and a black and white fringe for the mane adorns the top of the hood.

Little Animals Zebra 1 Little animals zebra 2

Finally, there’s a cuddly little cow cardigan to knit. Black and white intarsia forms the body of the sweater, and the hood is topped with a light pink “nose” (that color is also used to knit the pockets).

Little animals cow hood Little animals cow front

Each pattern comes in six sizes ranging to fit a 3 month old up to a toddler size (18¼” to 26¼”), and they’re all knit using Cascade Yarns 220 Superwash yarn for easy care. These baby cardigans are easy to knit and unbelievably cute—you’d even have time to whip up a knitted cardigan for a little animal to wear for Halloween!

Get your copy of Little Animals today! And don’t forget about the Baby Bear Sweater Kit!

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