30 Signs You Are Obsessed with Knitting

Life can truly change when you go from being a non-knitter to being a knitter. Sometimes, when you become obsessed with your new craft (or have been obsessed with it for years) some strange things can happen. Are you obsessed with knitting? See how many items in this list sound familiar!

You know you are obsessed with knitting when…

1. You plop down on the couch and get stabbed by a DPN you misplaced the week before.

2. You reach for a pen and accidentally grab a knitting needle.

3. You find yarn ends in your hair when you shampoo it.

4. Every day is Knit in Public Day.

5. You move your couch and stitch markers fall out.

obsessed with knitting

Another way to know you are obsessed: you see a stock photo of models knitting and roll your eyes with contempt while thinking, “They’re not even TRYING.”

6. Your TV cabinet is dedicated to yarn storage.

7. Your kitchen cabinets are dedicated to yarn storage.

8. You can’t watch a movie or TV show without knitting in hand.

9. You regularly find stitch markers in every handbag, jeans pocket, and your dryer lint trap.

10. You keep yarn in the glove compartment of your car “just in case.”

obsessed with knitting

Yarn on the brain? You might be obsessed with knitting.

11. You point out the stitch pattern of every sweater in every movie you watch.

12. You only use purses/bags that are big enough to carry your latest project.

13. You’d rather watch movies at home than in the theater because of the valuable knitting time.

14. You rank your Netflix list based on its suitability for knitting while watching.

15. When you plan your budget, “yarn” is right up there with “rent” and “groceries.”

“Did you see that stock image of those knitting models? Give me a BREAK.”

16. You spend as much time on Ravelry as others spend on Facebook.

17. You know that sport yarn does not mean it has a “sporty” look to it.

18. You’re always admiring everyone’s sweaters/hats/scarves/mittens and wondering if you could find a similar pattern or reverse engineer a pattern.

19. The hardest part about packing for a trip is knowing which project to bring.

20. You follow all three Ken Bone’s sweater accounts on Instagram.

Is your obsession interfering with your love life?

21. You’ve knit so much hair into your projects you’re worried damage to them may have voodoo doll like side-effects.

22. You frequently wake up spooning the knitting project you fell asleep working on.

23. You knit at stoplights.

24. You’ve figured out a way to knit in the bath.

25. You say, “Ewww, gross!” whenever you touch an acrylic sweater at the mall.

obsessed with knitting

You might not be obsessed with knitting. You might just be obsessed with knots.

26. You ask everyone whether they made their hat, sweater, or scarf.

27. You forget to drink your wine or beer in favor of one more row.

28. Your idea of going “shopping” is reverse engineering ready-to-wear sweaters so you can knit them yourself.

29. Your know which skeins you’d grab first if your house was on fire.

30. You have a hard time buying commercial sweaters, hats, and scarves because you could totally make that (but then you never get around to it).

Never stop knitting,

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