3 Knitted Hat Patterns and More!

Hats are, in my opinion, downright necessities when the weather gets colder. And what I especially love about hats is the wide variety of types of hats—berets, beanies (or toques), tams, earflap hats, and probably others I can’t even think of at the moment. Plus, they make great knitted gifts, and gift-giving season is (terrifyingly) right around the corner. We have three knitted hat patterns in Knitscene Winter 2015: the Deep Woods Toque by Kiyomi Burgin (I wrote about Kiyomi’s collection with her sister Sachiko in this blog post), the Finial Hat by Brenda Patipa, and the Northern Hat by Teresa Gregorio.

KnitScene-2015-Winter-0065 KnitScene-2015-Winter-0019 KnitScene-2015-Winter-0916


The Finial Hat features a wide cable and garter stitch pattern that winds up the body of the hat. I love that Brenda carried the cable motif down into the ribbing—it’s small details like this that make hat knitting even more fun! We photographed this hat on a woman, but I also think it would make a great men’s knit hat pattern, especially in a charcoal or chocolate color.



The Northern Hat uses intarsia and texture stitches to create bold chevrons on the front and back of the hat. Up front, Teresa worked two colors of yarn and intarsia to make the chevrons. The shape is mirrored on the back of the hat, but in a twisted stitch texture to mimic the outlines of the chevrons.




We have a kit to create the Deep Woods Toque by Kiyomi Burgin, and what I love love love about this kit is that it includes the exact amount of yarn needed to knit the colorwork. That’s one of the “problems” with colorwork knitting, ending up with a bunch of leftover skeins, but that’s not a problem here! If you order the kit, you get the exact amount of yarn you need to knit the hat, along with a copy of Knitscene Winter 2015 (if you already have the issue, it makes a great gift, I’m just saying).


There are six other accessory patterns in Knitscene Winter 2015: Lara Smoot’s Hotpoint Socks, Sachiko Burgin’s Yorkville Wrap (so big! So cozy!), Allyson Dykhuizen’s Buffalo Checks Scarf, Hannah Baker’s Vanskap Mittens, Talitha Kuomi’s Morphing Cowl (did you see the blog post about different ways to wear this cowl?), and Jen Lucas’s Quetzal Cowl.

KnitScene-2015-Winter-0342 KnitScene-2015-Winter-0561 KnitScene-2015-Winter-1068  KnitScene-2015-Winter-0944 KnitScene-2015-Winter-1106 KnitScene-2015-Winter-0373


PLUS, if you order the issue from Shop.Knittingdaily.com, you get a free sock knitting pattern as well! I designed these knee high socks in Green Mountain Spinnery’s Mewesic yarn. This DK weight yarn knits up so quickly and is so warm. If you’re a Knitscene subscriber (thank you!) or you’ve already purchased your issue at your local yarn store, never fear! This free sock knitting pattern will be widely available in a couple of months.


What are you waiting for? Get your copy of Knitscene Winter 2015 and start knitting hats today!





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