3 for the Road

The holidays are upon us, bringing a question at least as important as whether or not to knit the man in your life a holiday sweater. What knitting should I pack for holiday travel?

For starters, I need a project for the journey itself. I am a dedicated airplane knitter. Officially, knitting needles are allowed on board American planes. Really. Of course, it never hurts to leave your 12 inch aluminum straights at home in favor of a benign-looking bamboo circular. That's fine with me, as the only thing I seem to have on my needles lately is an endless parade of hats knit in the round. For the plane, I'm thinking the Pointilist Hat from Interweave Knits Accessories 2011 will be perfect. The all-over bobble pattern has enough happening to keep me occupied, but the 6-st repeat will be easy to keep track of during the frequent starts and stops inevitable during travel.


Pointilist Hat, Nikki Wagner Copenhagen Hat, Mary Keenan


I'm thinking the Copenhagen Hat, also from Accessories, will be perfect for relaxed knitting at home. The welting adds cuteness and warmth without fuss, and long stretches of knits and purls are perfect for chatting over coffee.

Last is a project I've been saving for a long weekend. An exquisite sampler of twisted-stitch knitting, The Proverbial Cap is finely etched with three different charted motifs. My personal favorite is "Forgotten Love." This might stretch my powers of concentration, but I think the result will be well worth the time. This pattern appeared in Interweave Knits Fall 2010, along with a detailed primer on twisted stitches.


How pretty is this?   The Proverbial Cap, Meg Swansen


Now, the only decision left is what yarn to use. Suggestions are welcome!

See you after the holidays! Hopefully, I'll have a few new accessories to show you.

Happy crafting,


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