23 New Knitting Patterns for Fall: Announcing knit.purl Magazine

I’m in the process of moving. This is a strange process—going through my belongings, old files, bags of forgotten knitting projects—so many lost needles!—and sorting and donating and rediscovering and packing and moving on, keeping the things of value and jettisoning the rest. Reviewing the material of my life over the last few years and deciding what I love, and moving it to a new place, a new life, a new chapter.

I am excited about the new house; it’s bigger, in a quieter part of town, and has a pool. With the same furniture and the same art on the walls, it will be a new version of home

A similar process is happening to the knit.wear brand with this issue of the magazine—we’re discarding some older elements, but keeping the most important ones. Knit.wear has been a biannual special issue for the past couple years, focused on bringing clean, contemporary knitwear to handknitters—sleeker, simpler, more trend-conscious than the classic, heritage knitting you’ll find in our flagship publication, Interweave Knits. With a special issue, we have the ability to experiment more than we can with regular publications, and to switch up certain elements when we feel it’s time. So, while keeping the same knit.wear aesthetic and mission for the content, we’ve changed the name to knit.purl and updated the look of the cover. I’m excited to see the magazine continue to grow and reach more readers. The full preview for the new issue can be found here, and you can order your copy here

What do you think of the new look? We were aiming for fresh and modern with just a touch more whimsy than the previous covers. It opens up new directions for us as we develop future issues—I am currently working on the spring 2015 issue and we have some cool structured knits, mixed with airy, pretty designs with spare patterning.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about the name and cover change—if you’re on Twitter, weigh in and use the hashtag #knitpurlmag. I’ll be checking in and chatting through the weekend. Follow me @LisaShroyer.

I’m excited to continue exploring innovative design and fresh aesthetics with our contributors; this issue packs a lot of intriguing knitwear, from the sleek and pretty to the bulky and bold. When it comes to bulky, we’ve got you covered: we profile several big-gauge yarns in Yarn Notebook; explore the fashion world with Jasmine Gonzalez who had size 150 needles custom made for her runway knits; cover a method for making yarns thicker (Navajo ply knitting); and just for the pure art of it, take a look at some giant yarn and tools in Finishing.

The packaging has changed a bit, but at the end of the day, this magazine is all about clean, contemporary, intriguing knitwear. There is a space for this kind of knitting in our industry and I’m thrilled to have been able to work on knit.wear, and now knit.purl. If you’re a fan of knit.wear, you can download four past issues, in one set, for half off today! Stay with us and keep stitching.





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