Our 2017 Interweave Knits Collection Needs to Be Yours!

It’s collection release time for Interweave! We love reflecting back on a full year of beautifully designed projects, mostly due to our curiosity about what you love. Digging into Ravelry gives us the full scope of that love and what you have been inspired to make. 2017 was an exceptionally stunning year for our flagship title, Interweave Knits. And your favorites? The best of the best, knitting friends.

Our cover project from Interweave Knits Winter 2017 is steeped in both tradition and technique.

Ennis Pullover

We started 2017 off with a winter issue that was singular in unisex appeal. Our “Whiskey and Wool” story featured garment designs with both masculine and feminine accents, making these knits appropriate for any gender. What rose to the top? We’re glad you asked! It is the Ennis Pullover that takes first position, and with good reason. The cashmere, merino, silk blend of Sublime Baby Cashmere make the gorgeous and intricate cable work on the Ennis Pullover pop.

The Charlestown Pullover is one of multiple maritime knits from Interweave Knits Spring 2017. Photo Credit: Harper Point Photography

Charlestown Pullover

2017’s spring issue of Interweave Knits brought the cool comfort of maritime life onto our needles – with a touch more elegance than one would find in a hardworking fisherman’s gansey. An updated classic, the Aran/gansey mash-up of the Charlestown Pullover is the design that rose to the top of your Ravelry queues. This design is not only visually stunning, but the top-down construction featuring saddle shoulders is intriguing and engaging to work.

Embrace your feminine side and shine with confidence in the Puck’s Tunic from Interweave Knits Summer 2017. Photo Credit: Harper Point Photography

Puck’s Tunic

We could not get enough of 2017’s Shakespeare issue of Interweave Knits. A light and airy foray into summer, the poetic theme still holds our attention.

What linen lace have we swaggering here?/ A tunic fit for wise and clever sorts / Lines of lace that follow the fireflies’ flight / An airy tee designed for impish times

Within these beautiful pages, Puck’s Tunic by Susanna I.C. takes center stage. Made in two simple rectangles, the seams ensure the focus stays on the whimsical zigzag lace on the front and back.

Angelina Pullover by Mary Anne Benedetto, Interweave Knits Fall 2017. Photo Credit: Harper Point Photography

Angelina Pullover

While we understand that many felt our 2017’s Fall issue of Knits was “too moody”, that didn’t stop 2,361 Ravelry users from loving this pullover. Originally presented in a dark yarn (here are some tips on working with darker yarns), this design reaches new heights when rich hues are applied. We found a Ravelry Rock Star, who knit it in greeen – not once, but twice! Once for herself and once for her chihuahua. No lie.

The Interweave Knits Collection Library – Get Started Stitching!

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