Our Best Projects – Selected by You!

The Firehouse Alley Cowl is just one of the projects from the knit.wear Fall/Winter 2016 issue – one of your favorites!

You chose your favorite things in 2016 through the Interweave store, and we loved looking over those selections. Meghan Babin, Editor of Interweave Knits, Hannah Baker, Editor of knitscene, and Sarah Rothberg, Assistant Editor to both Meghan and Hannah, decided to shout out what they liked most about the best projects from the past year – or the “Top 16 of 2016”. Take it away, ladies!

Wool Studio – Meghan Babin


At the end of 2016 Interweave released a brand-new product, the knit.wear Wool Studio Pattern Collection. This publication was created as a slow fashion retreat where our readers could find a place to reflect and let inspiration strike them. Its pages hold nine timeless projects made in gorgeously luxurious yarns. We decided to focus on simple silhouettes and intuitive designs, putting put extra emphasis on the yarn.

Any project you knit from these pages celebrates design and fiber. Wool Studio was a pleasure to create and launch; we hope you enjoy future volumes even more than the first.




knit.wear Fall/Winter 2016– Sarah Rothberg


The Fall/Winter 2016 issue of knit.wear is my pick from 2016’s products because it has two fantastic stories: Iki, a collection of Japanese-inspired minimalist and sophisticated designs, and Street Style, full of striking and contemporary patterns for a multitude of occasions.

This issue kick-started my knitting journey with the Firehouse Alley Cowl and has plenty of projects for the adventurous beginning knitter or an experienced one. Every project offers dramatic lines and well-tailored garments for a business casual or professional wardrobe. The magazine is clean, modern, and streamlined—exciting and just edgy enough to make you feel comfortably bold in your fashion choices.



knitscene Handmade – Hannah Baker

The sock monkey baby from knitscene Handmade had us all ready to turn the babies in our lives into adorable knit-clad simians.

My favorite Interweave magazine from 2016 was knitscene Handmade. Yes, I am a little biased; it was the first issue of knitscene I worked on as editor (or ever, since I was on the Knits team prior to that). I love all of the accessory projects in the issue, and the Cheyenne Mountain Monkey Sleep Sack pattern is pretty much the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, modeled by the cutest baby I’ve ever seen.

This issue also profiles makers creating unique knits and art, adorable and well-loved yarn shops, and independent yarn dyers who are always experimenting with new things. The whole issue is just built of charm and love, highlighting many folks in the industry who keep it running, enabling us to keep doing what we love!

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