2010 Knitting Resolutions (and vote for the new KAL!)

Well, here we are in 2010. I can't believe it. I think I've said before that I thought we'd be flying around in little spaceships by now, or at the very least using Star Trek medicine—I love how they put a puff of air in your neck and you're cured of cancer. If only!

Anyway, let's talk knitting! We all have resolutions that we make each year—some out loud or on paper, some in our minds (Iose weight and save money!). I've got some knitting resolutions that I'm going to say out loud and put on paper. Hold me to 'em, folks!

1. Learn the Norwegian cast-on. It's similar to the long-tail cast-on, but more elastic. Great for socks and hats—at least that's what my friends all say.

2. Don't start any  new projects until my important UFOs are finished! This one will be hard to keep, but I need to try. I have so many UFOs that I'm out of a couple of sizes of needles! I can't buy more needles (this goes under the "save money" resolution heading), so I need to finish those projects. This doesn't include the accessory projects I have going all the time, though, or our knit-a-longs!

3. After some UFOs are finished (hopefully by the end of February) start on some of the Interweave sweater projects I lined up in this post about my knitting calendar. First up, the Cabaret Raglan.

4. Do an entrelac project. I've never tried this method, and there's a beautiful shawl pattern that uses self-striping yarn and the entrelac technique. One of my Seattle knitting friends made it and I've coveted it ever since I saw it on her.

5. Practice my intarsia skills. I don't particularly like doing this technique, but I do like the way it looks, especially for kids. I've had an intarsia dog sweater on the needles for two years. Bad me.

I think that's enough for one year; I have to save room for all of the knitting opportunities that will just present themselves!

A New Knit-a-Long!

Here are four patterns I'd like to knit. Which one do you want to knit with me? Take the survey and let me know. We'll start our new KAL on January 11.

Heather Hoodie Vest               
The Heather Hoodie Vest by Debbie O'Neill
  William Street Socks by Lisa Shroyer
  The Slanting Gretel Tee by Petra Manis
  Floating Spiral Hat by Owen Biesel

The Heather Hoodie Vest is actually already on my needles. It's fast and easy and so cute! William Street Socks are cozy socks knit on #3 needles; they're perfect for clogs. I saw the Slanting Gretel Tee in person and it's so flattering! The Floating Spiral Hat is a quick knit, and it's a unisex design, too.

So vote here for your favorite and let's get knitting.






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