2009 Winter Knits Preview!

Paper LanternsA note from Kathleen: My friendly UPS gal brightened my day again on Friday and delivered the winter 2009 issue of Interweave Knits! I was on my way to A Grand Yarn, my LYS, so I slipped my copy into my knitting bag to show it off at the shop. And guess what, it was a hit! Several of my buddies were there and they all gathered around and ohhed and ahhed.

I really love the "paper lanterns" by Kristi Schueler. They're knit out of Louet Euroflax Sportweight, which I have in my stash. I'm adding this pattern to my home dec knitting list.

It's your turn to browse now, so here's editor Eunny Jang to introduce this fun new issue.


The winter issue of Interweave Knits is here!

This is my first real winter in Colorado. We've already had two major snowfalls, and the night temperatures are dropping quickly. I've put my beloved flats aside for lined, waterproof boots; I've put de-icing washer fluid in my car; I've bought an electric kettle, the better to make boiling-hot tea in a hurry. And I'm approaching my knitting with new enthusiasm. I'm ready.

Whole books have been written about the soul warming knitting can do, but this winter I'm most interested in the practical warmth a lapful of yarn provides. Slippers to guard against cold floors, cozy throws for curling up under, good, honest wool in mittens and hats and gloves.

Alpaca Pleats JacketThere is something solid and reassuring in knitting, backed by centuries of real application: When we knit, we make something with our hands, and then use it to make life more comfortable, more beautiful, better. It's a pretty good deal.

In this issue of Interweave Knits, we're taking our knitting explorations in a number of different directions: We're taking a look at how simple constructions can benefit from just a little adornment ("All in One"); ways to explore the usual yarn + knitting = fabric equation ("Weighty Matters"); cables and cable lookalikes ("All Tangled Up); stranded colorwork in some new guises ("Strands"); and what positive and negative space can mean with knitting ("A Stark Contrast").

We're also taking a closer look at reversible cables, where pop culture commentary and knitting traditions meet, and taking you on a tour of knitting around the world. There's enough inspiration to send you off on a dozen knitting journeys of your own. Sweaters for men, sweaters for women and children, fun gift items and ways to fill your home with your craft—we've got it all.

Keep learning new things, keep exploring, keep knitting. What are you knitting to stay warm this winter? Let us know!



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