13 Tips, Hints, and Secrets from Designers seen on Knitting Daily TV Series 300

Download 13 tips, hints, and secrets to become a better knitter, as seen on Knitting Daily TV Series 300.


Knitting Daily TV
Free eBook Table of Contents

Knitting Tip 1…Tracking Needle Size and Cable Rows

Knitting Tip 2…Shaping Basics: Decreases and Increases

Knitting Tip 3…Casting On for Ribbon

Knitting Tip 4…I-Cords: Applied and Mock

Knitting Tip 5…Knitting with Many Strands of Yarn

Knitting Tip 6…Stranding and Knitting Multi-Colors

Knitting Tip 7…Durable Cast-Ons

Knitting Tip 8…Blocking

Knitting Tip 9…Swatching

Knitting Tip 10…Getting Started Spinning

Knitting Tip 11…Knitted Cast-On

Knitting Tip 12…Special Trims

Knitting Tip 13…Lace Primer: Increasing and Decreasing

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13 Tips, Hints & Secrets
for More Successful Knitting

Knitting Daily TV is the PBS show that introduces you to fiber experts, and one-of-a-kind designers who use the latest yarns, techniques, and more! Join us every week as we cover a variety of needle crafts—from knitting and crochet to stitching, felting, spinning, and weaving—and guide viewers in learning to make fun yet stylish knitwear patterns and projects. Download free patterns, meet trendsetting knit and crochet designers, and improve or learn new skills and techniques. With co-hosts—knitting expert Eunny Jang, ace crocheter Kim Werker, spinning and weaving fiberista Liz Gipson, and America’s favorite stitcher Shay Pendray—you'll want to make time for yarn every day.

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