12 Free Last-Minute Knitting Gifts

Hello, my lovelies. I hope you’re having a fabulous holiday season. I’m wrapping up all the preparations, trying to ready myself to RELAX. I sure do need some down time, and I’m fairly certain I speak for all of us!

We’re heading down to Portland, Oregon, for Christmas. My brother and his family live there (Henry’s parents), and it’s such a neat city to visit. We always discover a wonderful new restaurant (Tasty & Alder was the last one we visited—fabulous!), event (Saturday Market is a must), or yarn store (Knit Purl is a fav as well as Nitro Knitters in Beaverton).

But before I get too into my own Christmas, I wanted to give you a treat.

Free knitting patterns for last minute knitting gifts!

From top right: Fruit Basket Hats (Apple Hat, Pineapple Hat, Watermelon Hat), Little Pleated Clutch, Yarn-Wrapped Letters, Free-Form Ornaments

If you’re knitting gifts for the holidays, time is running short, but all of these patterns are perfect for last minute knitting gifts!

The first is a trio of baby hat patterns, Fruit Basket Hats. Aren’t these the most darling things you’ve ever seen? That watermelon hat is off the charts. Not to mention the precious baby! What a wonderful group of free knitting patterns for hats.

The Little Pleated Clutch makes a perfect gift for any of the ladies on your list. You can knit up one of these in a weekend or an evening if you’re speedy. Gild the lily and pin a brooch to this cute knit purse, or add a knitted flower.

Knit up some Free-Form Ornaments. These can be tags, too, or even creative gift card holders! There are lots of Christmas knitting patterns out there, but I think knitted Christmas ornaments are so much fun to see year after year.

I’ve also included some Knitspirations! These are little projects to knit or to make with yarn. The “Noel” letters in the photo above is one of the projects, as well as a blanket, book cover, necklace, bracelet, clock, and some greeting cards. Very cool. I love the variation of yarn colors in the Noel letters. You can spell out lots of Christmas words; it just depends on how much knitting yarn you have. I have enough to spell out the entire Christmas Carol story!

I can’t resist linking to our free, printable Gift Tags for Knitters. These tags are perfect for any knitted item that you’re gifting. And here’s something I just thought of: print out a set for each of your knitting buddies, and give it to them to use on their packages!

Creative Gift Tags for Crafty People.

The fun doesn’t end here! We’ve got 39 more quick and easy gift knitting ideas for you! I think you’ll be all set for your last-minute gift knitting this year.

Sending you lots of love and happiness this holiday season!


P.S. Are you traveling this holiday season? Leave a comment below and tell me about it!

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