100 Knits – The Breakdown

There’s a new book in Interweave town and it’s a big one. Weighing in at nearly 5 pounds and 512 pages, I dare say 100 Knits is our biggest book ever. (The Alden Amos Big Book of Handspinning previously held the title, if you’re wondering.)

Since the fall of 1996, Interweave has worked to provide you—our dear readers—with the best knitting patterns we can find to inspire your needles. Our editors work tirelessly to find talented designers, unique techniques, and the next great trend to keep you stitching. We love releasing new publications to the knitting community and watching which projects stand out as your favorites.

That’s what 100 Knits is all about. It’s 100 of the most-loved patterns from recent issues of Interweave Knits, knitscene, special holiday issues, and Interweave Books. Using your input as knitters to guide our project selections, we chose patterns that had you, and many others, clicking the “like” button over and over again. While you may have stitched a project or two you see in the book, we’re confident you’re going to find many more you can’t resist casting-on.

We’ve divided the book into sections based on project types. To start, enjoy browsing simple accessories such as hats and socks. Cowls, scarves, and shawls of varying techniques and difficulty level follow those quicker knits. If you’re like so many other Interweave fans, your favorite sections will be the cardigans and pullovers. They’re the heftiest chapters with dozens of projects each. In every magazine issue and book of patterns, it was always the cardigans and pullovers that are loved most. We finish the book with tanks and tees, those lighter projects that keep your needles as entertained in the summer as in the winter.


Want to know exactly how many of each type of project you’ll discover in the book?

  • 10 Hats
  • 6 Pairs of Socks
  • 2 Scarves
  • 12 Cowls
  • 12 Shawls/Wraps
  • 21 Cardigans
  • 26 Pullovers
  • 11 Tanks & Tees

Among recent must-knits, we’ve also included the top 5 most-knitted Interweave patterns of all time in this collection. At the time of this publication, the Dahlia cardigan by Heather Zoppetti has been logged in Ravelry more than 1,500 times, the Lucy hat by Carina Spencer comes in with more than 2,400 projects, and the Central Park Hoodie by Heather Lodinsky has been posted more than 5,200 times. If those aren’t impressive enough numbers, the Koolhaus Hat by Jared Flood has been knit by more than 9,000 other knitters and Evelyn A. Clark’s Swallowtail shawl has more than 12,000 FOs out there.

Whether you’re a knitter who can’t resist cables, who lusts after lace, or someone who sticks to stockinette, we know you’re going to find more patterns in this collection than can be knit in a lifetime. Though, it’s certainly worth a try! Cast-on a new knit today; you won’t be disappointed.

And hey, if you do manage to get through all 100 patterns, at 5 pounds it will be just about the prettiest knitting related doorstop you’ve ever seen.

Kerry Bogert
Editorial Director, Books

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