10 Reasons to Love Scarf Knitting

The Sylvie Scarf by Courtney Kelley

I would venture to say that thousands of knitters have the book Scarf Style on their bookshelf. I've had my copy since 2005, and I've knit two scarves from it: Vintage Velvet and Backyard Leaves, and I have a Lady Eleanor Stole ready to cast on.

Now there's a sequel: Scarf Style 2 by Ann Budd! It's full of new scarves to knit, new techniques to learn, new insight into the design process.

As I looked through my copy, several of the scarves spoke to me, but I think my favorite is the Sylvie Scarf. Before I got my book, I saw a photo of the scarf, without knowing its name. One of my favorite people is named Sylvie, so when I saw that designer Courtney Kelley named her scarf Sylvie, I liked it even more! Lucinda Guy's Queenie is a close second. I guess I'm into Fair Isle knitting patterns lately!

Back view of the Sylvie Scarf, showing the salt and pepper
stitch pattern
Duplex by Laura Nelkin
Two-Tone Brioche by Ann Budd
Winter Garden Wrap
by Rosemary (Romi) Hill

Here's what Ann Budd has to say about the Sylvie Scarf:

"In an attempt to capture and counteract winter's bleakness, Courtney Kelley chose a pattern reminiscent of snowflakes and flowers for one face of this reversible scarf and a simple salt-and-pepper pattern for the other. The scarf is knitted in a tube, but thanks to a column of slipped stitches along each side, it folds flat to keep the two patterns separate. Corrugated ribbing adds contrasting interest to the ends. Knitted in a blend of baby alpaca, merino, and bamboo in soft, cool colors, this scarf features beautiful drape and luxurious warmth."

Scarves are a knitter's favorite, but spinners and weavers also love them. Spin-Off magazine's managing editor, Liz Good, recently wrote a top ten list of her favorite things about scarves. I love it!

Liz's Top 10 Reasons to Love Scarves

1. Scarves (almost) always fit. (I have ended up with a couple that are too short, but never too long.)

2. Scarves are an easy way to liven up any outfit.

3. Scarves are both functional and beautiful. Beyond being infinitely wearable, they double as a sling, a baby carrier, a belt, a dog leash, pretty much anything you can imagine . . .

4. Scarves usually take 4 oz. or less of fiber to make. Perfect for those irresistible hand-painted/hand-dyed yarns.

Queenie by Lucinda Guy

5. Scarves make great gifts (see #1 above).

5½. Of all the things I've made for my boyfriend over the years, a scarf is the only thing he has actually worn.

6. Scarves are quick and easy to warp and weave on any loom (from pin to floor). They make a perfect weekend project.

7. Scarves offer the opportunity to knit complex lace without shaping.

8. Scarves are historically significant. They are one of the only garments to be consistently worn since ancient Egyptian times.

9. Scarves can act like a warm hug to brighten any day.

10. Fringe.

—Liz Good, from SpinningDaily.com

"Fringe." That's a good one! Order your copy of Scarf Style 2 today! It should be the first thing on your top 10 list of great things about scarves.


P.S. Do you have anything to add to Liz's list? Mine would be that you can use just one skein of a luxury fiber to create beautiful little scarves or kerchiefs. Leave a comment below, with your addition to the top 10 list!

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