10 Favorite Knit Hats

Knit hats are some of my favorite projects. They’re small, portable, and they make great gifts. They’re also one of the only projects where I knit the same pattern more than once. The 10 hats featured in 100 Knits are truly a bucket list of hat patterns. The variety is perfect, with stockinette, colorwork, cables, and more. You’ll find something that works for every noggin!

I’ve knit the Lucy pattern twice, as well as the Koolhaas hat. Here’s my cutie-pie nephew, Henry, wearing one of the Koolhaas Hats.

knit hats

Koolhaas Hat on my nephew, Henry

I originally knit this for my brother, but I think he washed it, so now it fits Henry. Unintentional hand-me-down.

The Lucy Hat, shown below right, is one of the most popular hats we’ve ever published. According to Ravelry, it graces the heads of almost 2500 people!

One knit hat that’s been on my list for ages is Kiyomi Burgin’s Deep Woods Toque, show below left. It’s a beauty, with tree-motif colorwork and a fresh pom pom, it’s a timeless, unisex winter topper. I love the pop of color on the brim and in the pom pom!

knit hats

Clockwise from top right: Lucy Hat, Brighton Hat, City Park Hat, Deep Woods Toque, Curie Hat

The thing I love about 100 Knits is that it’s jam-packed with all of the best knitting patterns in every category: hats, socks, sweaters, tops, scarves, shawls, cowls, and more. You could knit for the rest of your life from this one resource!

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Header photo hats, from left to right: Boreal Toque (top), Winter Waves Slouch Hat (bottom), Nautilus Hat, Phyllotaxis Hat

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