10 Designers to Watch in 2011: Knitscenes Hot List

They may not be brand new to professional design, but these designers were new to me in 2010. Most of them are still up-and-coming and all are worthy of your time—go check em out! I think you’ll be seeing big things from them in the next year.

All of these designers will be published in Knitscene or Interweave Knits for the first time in 2011. Get your needles ready, folks.

  1. Veera Välimäki Veera’s contemporary aesthetic is exercised through interesting silhouettes, exaggerated elements, and an easy-to-wear feminine style, all presented in fresh color and with a Scandinavian minimalism. We’re excited to feature her ginormous pockets in the upcoming Winter/Spring issue of Knitscene…stay tuned.
  2. Alexis Winslow A painter from Oklahoma living in Brooklyn, where a kind of lovable hipster chic has worked its way into her handknitting design—Alexis Winslow is definitely one for the modern knitter to watch. She has some clever accessories coming up in Knitscene.
  3. Stephen West His unisex accessories have taken Ravelry by storm and his self-published books offer more of his best: stripes, short-rows, garter stitch, and color-blocking. Besides building his knit empire, Stephen studies dance in Amsterdam and finds time to correspond with me about the joy of garter-stitch swatches—he’s writing a piece about the humble stitch for Knitscene.
  4. Izumi Ouchi From her home in Nagano, Japan, Izumi develops some truly innovative designs. She constructs garments and accessories in surprising, three-dimensional ways—luckily for me, she submits photos of completed prototypes, because the effect of her construction is tough to envision otherwise.
  5. Sarah Wilson (aka The Sexy Knitter) I don’t know if she was joking or not, but Sarah told me she plans to wear a knitted, backless jumpsuit to a tradeshow next June, and we had a little Twitter thread going about the sex appeal of thigh-high boots. Needless to say, she is working on her brand. She does great accessories and figure-flattering tops.
  6. Talitha Kuomi I always like a designer who doesn’t shy away from being assigned variegated and self-striping yarns….for sweater designs. Talitha shows us what to do with a chunky-weight, striping yarn in the next issue.
  7. Melissa Goodale Melissa does really interesting things with stitch patterns and designs her own stitches—she has a couple garments lined up Knitscene; both using intriguing motifs in clever constructions. And she can write 😉
  8. Ruth Garcia-Alcantud Allow me to quote Ruth directly from her blog: “Oh, you like my sweater? Yeah, this is how I make a living and it’s not cute—it’s AMAZING.” We like our designers a little funky and lot of fresh…so far Ruth exhibits both qualities. She lives in the U.K.
  9. Amy Herzog Simple, modern, feminine appeal in designs that are conscious of a woman’s shape. Amy’s tutorials on fit have been well-received…look for a spin on this concept in Knitscene in 2011. 
  10. Angela Tong Just when I despair that there must be no more possible lace shawl designs, or designers-of for that matter, Angela comes to my attention. I’m excited to see what she dreams up in 2011.

If you’re interested in submitting designs to Knitscene and becoming a hot new contributor, check out our guidelines and deadlines here. We will have new materials for the Winter 2011 issue up in January.

Happy knitting and happy holidays! See you in the new year.

~ Lisa

 P.S.  A sneak peek and a tip from the Winter/Spring issue of Knitscene: how to photograph socks!




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