On Our Radar: 10 Best Knitted Tank Top Patterns for Summer

The topic of tank top patterns is a divisive one for knitters. On the one hand they provide an opportunity to knit something a little different, quicker (no sleeves!), and with totally different yarn than cold-weather projects. On the other hand—well, I’m not even sure what’s on that other hand. I’ve just heard knitters complain about knitted tank tops, but I’m not sure what the problem was. Sometimes they can be a little bulky, but that problem can be solved with yarn selection and gauge. When you knit a tank top for summer, you’re really knitting a year-round garment you can wear under layers when it gets cold out.

Here is a list of cute tank top patterns from recent years that are on our radar as the summer approaches. Which tank top(s) are you knitting this summer? Let us know in the comments!

tank top patterns

1. Seashell Tank

by Heather Zoppetti
from knitscene Summer 2018

The Seashell Tank pattern starts with the front lace panel worked from the center out, then the sides and back are worked leaving a space for the panel to be picked up later. An I-cord drawstring is strung through loops on the back for adjusting the ease. The silk-linen blend of Anzula Breeze is the perfect yarn pairing for this cool summer top.

tank top patterns

2. Meadow Tank

by Carolyn Noyes
from knitscene Summer 2017

The Meadow Tank is worked from the bottom up in the round. The design is pretty basic aside from two lovely, separately knitted lace trim pieces that are sewn on at the neck and waist.

tank top patterns

3. Red Clay Top

by Joan Forgione
from knitscene Spring 2017

The Red Clay Top is worked back and forth in an allover zigzag lace pattern, and it has minimal shaping, so it’s interesting, fun, and simultaneously not overly complicated!

tank top patterns

4. Barachois Tunic

by Wendy Bernard
from knitscene Summer 2016

This linen top has a deconstructed look made by using intentionally dropped stitches in the pattern. The simple construction and summery yarn make this a fantastic candidate for a quick summer knit.

5. Monadnock Tank

by Erica Schlueter
from knitscene Spring 2016

A cotton-wool blend yarn makes the Monadnock Tank a sweet little transitional piece, and yarn’s thicker weight helps it work up quickly. A little allover Lace Check pattern adorns the tank and allows it to breath. Wear it over a camisole or on its own!

6. Roslyn Tank

by Sachiko Burgin
from knitscene Summer 2015

The Roslyn Tank pattern is super unique. It has straps that you can place where you want them, and they’ll stay put with an elastic band hidden on the inside. It has so many cool elements that all come together perfectly, including an allover easy-to-memorize lace pattern, a button band, and a drawstring.

7. Colbie Tank

by Mari Chiba
from knitscene Spring 2015

The cover project for knitscene Spring 2015 is created with two different yarns—one for the cabled neck at the top, and another for the body. The body is all knit in stockinette stitch, and the halter top shape is perfect for summertime!

8. Sunspot Tank

by Emma Welford
from knitscene Summer 2014

Looking for some subtle summer colorwork? The Sunspot tank features intarsia circles that add a touch of soft color to the top. The tank has a racerback and is knit back and forth and seamed.

9. Lazulum Shell

by Julie Grantz LeFrancois
from knitscene Spring 2014

Bias increases on either side of the front and back center create faux princess seams in the Lazulum Shell. This simple-yet-elegant tunic-length top is great by itself or under a cardigan in the non-summer months.

10. Beverly Tee

by Jean Chung
from knitscene Summer 2013

The Beverly Tee offers some excitement with a plunging back. Wear over a bandeau top that makes a statement.

I hope these patterns inspire you to keep knitting this summer! Even if tank top patterns aren’t for you, keep in mind all the different summer yarns that are out there to play with.

Happy tank-top knitting!

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