Your 15 Minutes of Fame: How to Get Your Jewelry on TV and in Films

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Have you ever watched the show Hart of Dixie? I love the characters in the fictional Alabama town of BlueBell, especially the Southern girly girls in the town's lady's club, The Belles. Their former leader, the bossy, prissy, über-girly Lemon Breeland (played by Jaime King), is my favorite. A year or so ago, I really wanted her to wear this necklace I made for my Southern Baubelles shop. It was perfect for Lemon and the ladylike dresses she's usually wearing on the show. (Google "Lemon Breeland" and look at images. See? Wouldn't this necklace be perfect on her?)

So I asked all my TV industry friends if I had any connections to the show, but I didn't, so I gave up –but I shouldn't have. Here's what I should have done . . .


How to Get Your Jewelry On TV and In Films

by Cathleen McCarthy

Do you ever watch your favorite TV show and think, "My jewelry would look perfect on her!"

Getting it on her might not be as impossible as it sounds. Costume designers have to come up with a lot of costume changes for their characters, especially when it comes to a weekly series on a tight production schedule – and they rely on help.


So, how do you get on their radar?

Read on for the rest of Cathleen's blog about how to get your jewelry on celebrities on TV and in movies.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Don't give up like I did, when you have an expert ready to give you all the advice you need to get your jewelry into the hands of the ideal star to show them off. Learn more by joining Cathleen in our upcoming web seminar, Product Placement Dos and Don'ts: Getting Your Jewelry On TV, Movies, and Celebrities, and learn how you can get your jewelry designs on the red carpet and the big screen!

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