It’s All on the Wrist Swivel-Hinged Magnetic Bangle Bracelet

How to convert a stone bangle bracelet into a bracelet that is easy to put on and take off

By Grant Robinson

A certain amount of luck is involved in finding the perfect fit when it comes to bangle bracelets, which come in many diameters and widths. Even when a perfectly fitting bangle is found, a person’s hand can change with time so that a simple squeeze through the bangle’s center on the first day may not be so simple years later.

The solution? A conversion of that favorite fixed bangle to a bangle bracelet design that opens using a swivel hinge, and then stays securely closed with magnets.

Swivel-Hinged Magnetic Bangle Bracelet by Grant Robinson

Swivel-Hinged Magnetic Bangle Bracelet by Grant Robinson

Skills: Lost-wax casting, Soldering, Sawing, Filing, Riveting, Polishing


1 and 3 mm 18K gold tubing, 0.7 mm 18K gold wire, 18K gold casting grain
1.5 mm 18K gold link chain
5 mm cylindrical Neodymium magnets
low-melt sprueing wax and 24 gauge wax sheet
BeautyCast gypsum investment by WhipMix Corporation
jeweler’s rouge
18K medium paste solder
pickling solution (Grant uses 10% hydrochloric acid)


Lapidary: Trim saw
Metalsmithing: Standard hand files and pliers, cotton polishing buff, fine to coarse grit abrasive papers, jeweler’s saw and blades, flex shaft and handpiece, 5 mm round and cylindrical diamond burrs, 2 mm cone burr, rubberized abrasive wheels, charcoal soldering block, large and small propane/oxygen torches
Casting: Waxing pen, hot water bath, burnout oven, broken-arm mechanical casting machine, casting flask, tongs

GRANT ROBINSON is a lapidary and studio jeweler who lives in Chapel Hill, NC. His website is

This project is featured in the May/June 2018 issue of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist. See inside this issue in the Lookbook!

See this project and many more, plus gemstone and metalsmithing news and products in the May/June 2018 issue of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist.


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