Wraps and Bangles and Cuffs, Oh My! Get Holiday Ready with Stylish Bracelet Projects

A couple of months ago I formed a very detailed antique "master" butter knife into a cuff bracelet for my bff's birthday. In master butter knives, so I'm told, the blade of the knife stands up perpendicular to the handle and the table. This unique little twist and the extra details in the knife's design made for a gorgeous one-of-a-kind cuff. And not that my bff doesn't deserve the time and effort, but making the bracelet cuff was a quick project.

With the holidays approaching, quick and easy but stylish jewelry gifts are a must. Combine that necessity with the popularity of cuff bracelets and you've got a homerun holiday gift that's extra ideal, since their open designs eliminate the need for sizing. Get inspired with our bracelet and bangle digital collection this month and you'll be making holiday gifts faster than Santa's elves!


And here's a free bonus bracelet-making project: My stick-pearl flower cuff was made in less than an hour, too. Here's how to make it, in a post from the JMD archives.

Make a Pearl Flower Cuff In Under An Hour

I've always worked well under pressure. I procrastinate almost all the time and I seem to thrive in timed challenges, such as having to make a piece of jewelry in a specified (short) amount of time. So when we started doing a series of one-hour project DVDs (One-Hour Rings, One-Hour Bracelets), I was ready to challenge myself to see what I could make in under an hour.

I love pearls (maybe you've heard? ha!) and I especially enjoy designing jewelry with nubby iridescent stick pearls, flower jewelry in particular. It combines two of my faves–pearls and flowers–because to me, stick pearls just beg to be given new life as flower petals.

After a disappointment when I originally used this technique to make a flower brooch and ran out of pearls, first I wanted to make sure I had enough stick pearls to make the flower, so I used a lump of PlayDoh as a test base. My cuff was drilled with two rings of eight holes and a final hole in the center, so I tested placing two rings of eight pearls around the PlayDoh and decided I'd want to fit in a few extras in the center. I had enough, so I dismantled my test flower and moved on to the wire.


Note: My stick pearls were drilled lengthwise; you can find them top-drilled or drilled across one end, similar to how briolettes are drilled. Those would make a neater flower with hardly any wire showing.

I used a gold-plated cuff, but the only gold-plated wire I had to play with was memory wire–and my poor wire cutters weren't up for another round with them–so I used some brass wire. The brass had some good tarnish on it, which would add interest and pair nicely with the iridescence of the stick pearls, which were a little more brass-colored than gold anyway.

I started with about three-and-a-half feet of wire, because the pearls (I was planning to use about nineteen of them) are about an inch long, and the wire needed to go up one side and down the other (that's two inches each, for a total of thirty-eight inches) plus have some room leftover to go from hole to hole–so I needed a little over forty inches of wire.

Read on for more of the pearl flower cuff.

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