Wire-Weaving Techniques: Mastering Fine-Gauged Wire Weave with Sarah Thompson

Sometimes, a simple linear wire is not enough for the jewelry design you have in mind, but metal sheet might be too much. Enter wire-weaving techniques. Using wire-weaving techniques, you can essentially turn wires into wire “sheet” in any shape that you want—with the added bonus of interesting textures with no soldering required.

Speaking of interesting, wire weaving can incorporate wires in a variety of gauges, all in one design, put together with artistic techniques similar to those used in basket weaving. Folks who already work with wire know how rewarding and fun it can be! And if you’re a tactile person who enjoys working with materials in your bare hands—or if you do weaving or needle arts like knitting or crochet—I bet you’d enjoy this similar craft you can do with wire.

Join us on Wednesday, February 11, 2015, at 1pm ET for Wire-Weaving Techniques: Mastering Fine-Gauged Wire Weave, a live web seminar on wire weaving with wire jewelry artist Sarah Thompson.

(Don’t worry if you can’t join us for the live event; if you register in advance, you’ll receive a link to the recording afterwards so you won’t miss a thing!)
Learn how to master fine-gauged, wire weaving with jewelry artist Sarah Thompson in this web seminar that'll teach you everything you need to know.
In an info-packed hour, you’ll see and hear Sarah’s wire-weaving techniques and advice as she talks you through a slideshow presentation including how to do basic figure eight, modified soumak, and lashing weaves as well as how to increase and decrease your work as you go. And after her presentation, you’ll be able to ask Sarah any questions you have about wire weaving.

A wire-weaving lesson and live expert advice for less than 20 bucks? Sign me up! Reserve your spot now for Sarah’s live web seminar, Wire-Weaving Techniques: Mastering Fine-Gauged Wire Weave!
In this recorded web seminar, you'll learn how to master fine-gauged, wire weaving techniques with master artist Sarah Thompson.

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