Wire Jewelry Making: Why You Should Work with Wire

By Jennifer VanBenschoten

Alliteration aside, learning wire jewelry making was something that didn’t come easily for me. Like the hardest wire out there, I refused to bend to anything that involved using wire for jewelry-making!

But once I softened up a bit, I discovered that not only could I use wire jewelry techniques to make stunning wire jewelry designs using my favorite beads, I could also use wire jewelry techniques to add a unique touch to my seed bead designs.

3 Reasons You Should Work With Wire

  1. Chances are, you already know how to make wire jewelry. No, really. If you can make a wrapped loop, make a simple loop, or open and close and jump ring, you have all the skills necessary to get started making wire jewelry.
  2. You’ve already got the necessary jewelry making tools for wire jewelry making. If you’re already making wire wrapped loops and simple loops, then chances are you have a set of jewelry making pliers handy. The same kind of jewelry-making pliers that you’ll use to make wire jewelry!
  3. Even if you prefer to make beaded jewelry using bead-weaving or stringing techniques, you can still use basic wire jewelry making techniques to make one-of-a-kind and custom jewelry findings like ear wires and clasps using just wire and beads.

Just like making jewelry with seed beads, making wire jewelry is a very transformative process. You start out with some wire, maybe a few beads, and a handful of tools. Following the steps in a wire jewelry tutorial or wire jewelry patterns will leave you with a beautiful and unique creation that you’ll be proud to wear!

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What do I love most about working with wire? I never worry about running out of clasps and earring findings anymore. Even better, wire jewelry-making tutorials and projects are great stash-busters – some of them only require a handful of beads, so they’re great for using up those little bags and boxes of leftover beads in your collection.

You can never run out of ideas and inspiration for your newest wire jewelry designs with Step by Step Wire Jewelry magazine. Discover new wire designs and advance your wire jewelry making skills from knowing how to make wire earrings and necklaces to patina and texturing techniques. Every issue of our wire jewelry magazine is one you don’t want to miss!

Like dead soft or half-hard wire, stay flexible when it comes to making wire jewelry projects, because you never know where it might lead you!