Wire Jewelry Making Comes Alive in Our New Live Wire eMag!

It's almost time for the last Harry Potter film, and I'm so excited to see all the bells and whistles they've packed into the finale. I was amazed at all the brilliant special effects in the movies, like the framed photos and photos in newspapers that move like videos. So clever!

Those moving photos is the first thing that came to mind when I got a sneak peek of our newest electronic magazine (or eMag), Live Wire. It's so fun and packed full of great features and functionality that you're not going to be able to resist it.


It's as if we took a great book about wirework and combined it with a great DVD about making wire jewelry. The result is interactive and fun. You've never learned in an environment so unique! As you "flip" through the electronic magazine pages, you can make some of the images come to life as how-to technique videos featuring Step-by-Step Wire Jewelry Editor-in-Chief Denise Peck.

Through Denise's video instruction, you'll learn how to make wrapped and simple wire loops, how to add texture to wire by hammering, how to create patina with liver of sulfur, and more. But as awesome as what you'll learn is HOW you'll learn it. We've been extra careful to create videos with close-up views so you can see all the nuances of hand and tool movements clearly. They're filmed with a white background, making it even easier to see what's important to see.


For beginning jewelry makers, you'll get a primer on the various kinds of wire used for jewelry making (including the ideal kind of wire for each jewelry component), as well as the pliers and tools you should have. And if you're more experienced but still need more than just words and photos to learn, you'll love the added visuals of the videos to help you master each technique and project so easily.


You can read and enjoy the eMag on your PC or Mac computer (and soon, on your tablet!), making your jewelry-making lessons even more convenient and fun, as they should be. When you're viewing the contents page, you can just click any project to jump right to the how-to instructions for it (cool, huh?), or you can browse the pages one after the other, just like you would in a paper magazine.

When you arrive on a project page, you can read the step-by-step instructions and see the clear photos–and if there's a technique involved like creating a wrapped loop, there's a video of it right there on the page so you can watch and learn how to do that, too.

There are eight new projects in the eMag, including traditional wirework, wire wrapping and coiling, wire with lampwork glass and other beads, chain maille, and what I like to call "wiresmithing," or using small pieces of wire with metalsmithing techniques (such as hammering for texture), as you would with sheet metal.


Each project still has step-by-step photos (big, bold photos!), and you can zoom in for an even better, close-up view.


In addition to enlarging photos, you can change out the photos for different views of the same project. Plus, you can even print out some instructions in handy PDF format (see? Best of both worlds!).


Live Wire is packed full of video tutorials, including getting started and wirework basics videos on how to clean and straighten wire before you begin, how to flush cut wire, how to open and close (and make!) jump rings, and how to make simple and wrapped loops. As an added bonus, there are special videos from wire jewelry experts to answer your wire jewelry-making questions and wirework dilemmas, such as how to create smooth round ends on cut wire.

So if you're already a fan of wirework or if you've ever wanted to make the transition to wire jewelry making, hold on to your pliers! You'll be amazed at all the fun you'll have using the cool jewelry-making features when you download the Live Wire eMag, our newest electronic magazine and jewelry-making sensation.

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