Wire Jewelry to Make Today and Wear Tonight

Usually, making jewelry can be a long, involved, time-intensive project. Creating your design, planning your approach, gathering your materials, cutting, filing, soldering, stone setting — it can all take quite a while. And the results are usually worth it.

ABOVE: Heather Lawrenz, Engraved Gemstone Ring; Photo: Jim Lawson

But what if you’re short on time? Maybe you have an event one night and realize that day that you just have nothing to wear — at least when it comes to your jewelry. Fortunately, there are a lot of things you can make at the last minute and wear that night. Step by Step Wire Jewelry always included a “5 Minute Jewelry” project of gorgeous jewelry you could make it a snap. Those projects were always among my favorites — quick and cool.

Necklaces and Pendants

I love to wear beautiful pendants around my neck. I never really feel fully dressed without a necklace. Although they can be among the most complex and complicated pieces of jewelry to create, you can also come up with great stuff on the fly.

Do you have some spare chain hanging around your workbench? Great! Cut it to the length you want, attach a jump ring to one end and a lobster claw clasp to the other. Done! Or you can do one of my favorite tricks. Take some leather cord and string some large random beads. You don’t even need a clasp. Tie a decorative bow and you’re ready to go.

Or check out Christine Hayne’s Budding Branches necklace from the August/September 2012 issue of Step by Step Wire Jewelry. It’s a great way to use up spare wire and bicone beads and look spectacular doing it.

Wire Jewelry to Make Today and Wear Tonight

Christine Haynes, A.J.P.
Budding Branches
Photo: Jim Lawson

Speedy Rings

I’m usually intimidated by the thought of creating rings. When I think of rings, I think of sparkling, expensive stones and gold or sterling silver settings. But they really don’t have to be that complicated!

Maria Dao’s Sparkle Burst ring was the 5 Minute Project in the October/November issue of Step by Step Wire Jewelry, and it’s not scary at all! All you need is some aluminum wire, some cool crystals, some headpins, and a jump ring. Simple, painless, and very pretty. And sparkly!

Wire Jewelry to Make Today and Wear Tonight

Maria Dao
Sparkle Burst
Photo: Jim Lawson

I also love Heather Lawrenz’s Engraved Gemstone Ring from the August/September 2016 issue. I’m a freak for cool stones, and this is a great way to show off your favorite stone bead — whether it’s engraved or not!

Quick Earrings

Earrings are probably the quickest and coolest pieces of jewelry you can make. Really, if you wear no other jewelry, having a lovely pair of earrings dangling from your lobes will make you shine. Just hang some sparkly crystals from two earwires, and you’re all set. And there are many Step by Step Wire Jewelry 5 Minute projects that are earrings, too — in fact, most of them are earrings. They’re just that quick!

One of my personal favorites is Sara Richardson’s Lime Soda Earrings from the February/March 2011 issue. These amazing earrings actually use beads made from recycled soda bottle caps. I love ‘em! (And yes, Sara is a dear friend of mine, so I’m quite biased.)

Wire Jewelry to Make Today and Wear Tonight

Sara Richardson
Lime Soda Earrings
Photo: Jim Lawson

A great way to use jump rings for your earrings is to simply hang them from your hoops. Denise Peck’s Hoops & Rings Earrings (from the October/November 2016 issue) add a couple of crystals for a bit more sparkle and fun. I made myself a pair of these in just a few minutes for a party and got loads of compliments. Thanks, Denise!

Wire Jewelry to Make Today and Wear Tonight

Denise Peck
Hoops & Rings
Photo: Jim Lawson

Simple gold hoops are among the most classic earring styles out there. For a cool twist on this style, try Becky Nunn’s Quick Hoop Earrings Step by Step Wire Jewelry, February/March 2015. You can make them your own by adjusting the number and size of hoops or adding crystals or beads. And if you want to save even more time and effort, you can order the kit to make these hoops. Now, that’s impressive!

Wire Jewelry to Make Today and Wear Tonight

Becky Nunn
Quick Hoop Earrings
Photo: Jim Lawson

If you want to try other 5 Minute Projects — and a lot more projects of varying times, types, and skills — check out the Step by Step Wire Jewelry 2016 Collection for a whole year’s worth.

Go quickly (and easily)!


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