Wire + Fiber: Enhance Wire Jewelry Making with Colorful Ribbon, Thread, and More

I used to be a metal purist–a sterling silver purist, even. But I’ve developed a love for copper, brass, and bronze since I’ve learned to work with them and enjoyed the qualities they have. Similarly, I’ve developed a love for using fibers, specifically sari silk ribbon and embroidery floss, in metal and wire jewelry-making designs. There’s nothing like trying a new technique or material to help you appreciate its qualities and potential.

Peruvian Thread earrings by Amanda Shero Granström

“Lustrous and vibrant silk and cotton ribbons work not only as lush substitutions for leather and chain, but can also be used as touches of rich color,” says Denise Peck, Editor-in-chief of Step-by-Step Wire Jewelry Magazine, of the jewelry in our new eBook 10 Wire & Fiber Jewelry Projects “The coolness of silver is warmed by the addition of rainbows of fabric. And the warmth of copper is enhanced by the hues available in fiber.”

Scheherazade bangles by Elizabeth Girod

In addition to adding color to enhance the metal, fibers can also soften the look and feel of metal or wire designs. Necklace chain too heavy and bold? Add silk ribbon to lighten things up. Pendant design too harsh or angular? Soften it by hanging it on a velvet ribbon. Mixing high and low, soft and hard, rocker girl and lady make wire jewelry designs more interesting and versatile.

Zipped Up recycled zipper bracelet by Arja Aalto-Viittala

Mix up your own wire jewelry making projects by adding ribbons, thread, and other fibers with inspiration from our newest eBook, 10 Wire & Fiber Jewelry Projects. The 10 fiber and wire jewelry-making projects in this eBook–earrings, bracelets, and necklaces–are from industry favorites and Step-by-Step Wire Jewelry magazine contributors. All of the projects can be customized to your own favorite colors with a simple swap of thread, ribbon, or wire, much of which I bet you already have in your studio. Along the way, you can pick up bonus techniques like how to make wire-wrapped loops (and how to make wire-and-ribbon wrapped loops, which look so organic and colorful!), texture metal, finish fabric ends and attach findings, use liver of sulfur patina, and more.

Aladdin’s Lamp earrings by Kristi Bowman-Gruel

You’ll have a great time making these easy, colorful projects–but trust me, they don’t look like they were so easy. Friends and family will admire these colorful, textural pieces all summer and beyond. Good thing they are easy to make because you’re going to get lots of special requests! Download 10 Wire & Fiber Jewelry Projects now and you’ll have a new summer jewelry wardrobe for the weekend!


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