Wire Coiling Chart by Ronna Sarvas Weltman

Coiling is another way to add beautiful texture to wire. Tight, even coiling can impart an elegantly controlled, symmetrical aesthetic to your wire. Freeform coiling will add energy and spontaneity to a design. One of the challenges of coiling wire is determining how much wire you will need to coil over a length of base wire. Many jewelry designers use rough estimation based on experience, but that can lead to wasted wire if you’ve cut off too much, or–even more frustrating–running out of wire before you’ve finished the amount of coiling you wish to do. It can be particularly tricky because the size of the base wire and the size of the coiling wire affect the length of wire needed. The Wire Coiling Chart will help you determine how much wire you need when making uniform coils.

Texture and patina can often play the same role in our jewelry that seasonings and spices play in our cooking. They add resonance, depth, a little mystery, making our senses tingle with satisfaction. It’s all about beauty–making it, enjoying it, and ultimately sharing it.

This chart was excerpted from Ronna’s beautiful book, Ancient Modern Polymer Clay. It’s packed with tips, technique info, and gallery-worthy polymer clay jewelry projects that combine wire and clay in an elegant but whimsical way. It’s a must-have resource! Read the helpful excerpt about jewelry design.

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