Whats Your Wire Style? Take the Quiz!

Linda Gettings' 3×3 chain maille bracelet.

Sara Richardson is
a guest editor for
Jewelry Making Daily

I'm often asked how I would define my jewelry style. For me, it's hard to define; I've had to explore many jewelry making techniques. I guess the best way to describe it at the moment is colorful, youthful, and beautifully simple.

My style is "colorful" for my use of colored wire and jump rings, and "youthful" for my choices of beads and how they bring out a young (or young-at-heart) spirit when someone wears my pieces. I would say that my style is also "beautifully simple" for how the wire and beads come together to create an eye-catching piece of jewelry without having to use very many techniques or materials.

If you're perplexed about how to define your wire jewelry style, I've come up with a Cosmopolitan-esque style quiz to help you figure it out.

The Quiz
For now, please just choose one answer per question. It may be difficult, but just put down the first answer that comes to your mind.

1. What is your favorite material to work with?
a. Jump rings, and lots of them!
b. Dead soft round sterling wire
c. Craft wire (usually colored with a copper or aluminum core)

2. You have a pretty gemstone bead to use as a focal. What would you do with it?
a. Make a chain to complement it, and with simple loops, dangle it in the front for a necklace.
b. Create a coiled frame for it and make a bracelet with matching beads and more coils.
c. Find a colored wire that will match the stone, and weave it into a fun bracelet.

3. Which of the following statements apply to you?
a. I'm a Renaissance buff. I enjoy stories about medieval times and learning about their traditions.
b. I'm a modern-day bohemian or hippie. I just go with the flow, man.
c. I'm always looking to do something fun.

Denise Peck's Daisy Chain bracelet.

The Answers Can Be Found in Wire Style

Kerry Bogert's Definitely Looped necklace.

If you answered with mostly a's, you're a chain maille chick (or dude!). You love working with jump rings and weaving them into intricate patterns to create stunning jewelry. In Denise Peck's book Wire Style, you'll probably enjoy projects like Howard Siegel's Centipede necklace and Twisted Bracelet or Linda Gettings' 3 x 3 bracelet.

If you answered with mostly b's, you're a freeform friend. You like just let your hands and pliers explore, and eventually it turns into an awesome piece of jewelry. In Wire Style, projects like Ronna Sarvas Weltman's Catch-All and Twigs, Jodi L. Bombardier's Grape Clusters, and Kerry Bogert's Definitely Looped might appeal to you.

If you answered with mostly c's, you're a spectral student. Anything with bright colors appeals to you the most, and the way you make a piece is fun and enjoyable. In Wire Style, you'll love projects like Jodi L. Bombardier's Suspended and Grapevine, Denise Peck's Daisy Chain Bracelet. Even though the first two projects do not use craft wire, you can easily use it as a substitute to make the pieces your own.

Wire Style is a great resource for you to discover these projects and many, many more. If you're still confused about your particular style, this book will help you explore it even more. Pick up your copy now in the Interweave Store. And share your opinions on your jewelry-making style with us on Jewelry Making Daily!

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