What's Your Favorite? Editors' Favorite Jewelry-Making Magazines on Sale

My brother always wants to know what everyone's favorites are. He's 24 now, but ever since he was old enough to ask, he has asked me (and everyone else), "What's your favorite color? Who's your favorite singer of all time? If you could have any puppy you wanted, what kind would you want?"

I've always told him that I can pick a favorite but not my very favorite of most things, because there are just too many wonderful choices. So when I asked the editors of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist and Step-by-Step Wire Jewelry to tell me their favorite issue of their magazine, that's what they all said, too. "How can I pick just one?"

Well, they did their best! Here are some favorite issues from the editors who created them. (Note that some of their choices have been so popular, the print issues are sold out, but we have just released over thirty convenient new digital issues!)


Merle White: Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist March 2010 (digital)

"A favorite recent Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist? I'd have to say March 2010. I love the cover pendant and all its fabulous little details, and I love the way the whole issue expands on two of them: the green quartz that's the central element and the rivets that hold it in place.

"Inside the issue, there's everything from making rivets and bezel settings to how green quartz came on the market and what to look for when you buy it, from earring, bracelet, and pendant projects to how a new cut was developed for it. There's making your own tools and working with mixed media. There's hinge making, wire wrapping, fabrication, and faceting. There are dozens of directions that spin out from rivets and green quartz, and what I really enjoy about this issue is seeing how much variety develops out of an easy-to-find material and a simple technique. All it takes is introducing a little of your own creative vision into the mix."


Denise Peck: Step-by-Step Wire Jewelry April/May 2010 (digital)

"Ok, that's a little unfair to make me choose! But I can tell you one of my favorites is the Step-by-Step Wire Jewelry April/May 2010 issue with Jeanette Blix Ryan's spiral link bracelet on the cover. I do try to get a good mix of techniques and aesthetics into every issue, and this one really hit that out of the park.

"There are two projects in this issue that teach you how to forge or work with heavy 14-gauge wire, including Jeanette's beautiful bracelet. There are two gorgeous bracelets made by weaving fine-gauge wire, and there are two chain-maille designs, including a pair of really cool earrings that capture a bead inside. Even the gallery of reader's designs made me want to run to my bench and get busy!"


Karla Rosenbusch: Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist March 2011 (print or digital)

"Picking my favorite issue was a very daunting task! There are so many great issues and articles to choose from. But my most recent favorite would have to be the March 2011 issue of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist. That particular issue is just packed with a variety of incredible things! Two of my very favorite jewelry artists–Helen Driggs and Roger Halas–have projects featured in the issue. Helen's pendant is stunning and uses wavellite, a gorgeous stone that I want to include in more of my own jewelry creations. And Roger's Citron Chimera Cuff? Unbelievable!

"There is also a section in the issue on the Steampunk trend. I'm a recent convert to Steampunk, and Leslie Rogalski's Steampunk earring project is something I'm dying to try. But perhaps the article in this issue that most intrigued me was Terri Haag's piece on Allen Aragon's hand-painted ceramic and silver jewelry. It's just amazing! The issue cover shows a fantastic example of Aragon's work."


Helen Driggs also picked the March 2011 issue of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, for different reasons.

"I loved reviewing and testing the new Miniflam torch systems for my March 2011 Cool Tools column. I was really surprised to be proven wrong on those small torches, because they got really, really hot and are able to do amazing things I was certain wouldn't work, so it was fun to find that out and tell readers all about it."

All of these and more print and digital issues of Step-by-Step Wire Jewelry and Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine are on sale half off in our back-issue sale, now through August 26, 2011!

And don't forget to let me (and Brother) know–which is your favorite? Share in the comments below!

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