What will 10 cents buy you? A Wire Jewelry-Making Essentials Video!

Watching Denise's video, you can learn to make perfect flush cuts . . .
. . . make your own hammered flat-end wire head pins in minutes . . .
. . . easily straighten wire, and more.

I love paper books, paper magazines, regular old movies. But the more cool and convenient gadgets, tablets, eMags, and such come on the market, the more my old-fashioned ways are tempted by the shiny new thing.

Don't get me wrong–I can't go a minute without my BlackBerry–but I knew I was really getting hooked on modern technology when I told someone the other day that I wanted one of those phones or tablets that allow you to slide screens sideways with your fingertip. How cool is that?

That led to talk of iPads, which led to talk of tablets and e-readers, then Internet TV and then video downloads . . . and then, uh oh. Before I knew it, I discovered that I was already a technology person, because I love being able to download videos instantly online and watch whatever I want, whenever I want, wherever I want.

The same goes for jewelry making. Whenever I forget how to make perfectly wrapped wire loops (which seems to be pretty often, for some reason), I turn to a video to help me see and remember. When I tried to learn chain maille jewelry making recently, a video showed me (over and over and over . . .) until I had it figured out.

Learning creative techniques via video is the next best thing to having a live instructor there to guide your hands. So handy and helpful, videos are there to return to again and again to watch a technique over and over, at your own pace, as many times as you need to until you've learned what you want to learn–be it chain maille or perfectly wrapped loops.

Now video demos couldn't be more convenient because you can download them instantly online. You don't have to go to the store or even to the mailbox!

That's my favorite part–the instant gratification of downloading videos online. Well, it was my favorite part–until I learned about our ten-cent download deal. Now that's my favorite part!


For one little dime, you can instantly download Step-by-Step Wire Jewelry Editor-in-Chief Denise Peck's Metalwork: Wire Essentials video and master wireworking basics. You'll get an entire DVD's worth–56 minutes!–of wire jewelry instruction in a quick and easy instant download. In it, you'll learn: 

  • the proper way to use flush cutters and create ideal flush-cut wire ends;
  • to make your own wire findings such as ear wires, jump rings, and more, so you'll never run out again;
  • wire wrapping and how to form perfectly shaped wire designs such as coils and spirals;
  • how to finish your wire jewelry designs professionally and beautifully; and
  • to create easy wire head pins in one minute!
  • Speaking of a minute, don't wait one more! This deal allows you to learn something you've always wanted to learn and try out popular, convenient technology–all without risking a lot of money. Take advantage of this ten-cent download deal to enjoy Denise Peck's Metalwork: Wire Essentials video download right away!

    Hurry, this offer is good through Thursday, August 19, at 11:59 p.m. MT!



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