What Your Favorite Gemstone Reveals About You

Do you ever take personality tests on Facebook? You know the ones. “What kind of Disney animal are you?” “What your snacking habits reveal.” “Let us guess your age from your favorite breakfast cereal.” I get a big kick out of those, and I admit that I answer them quite often. They’re usually very, VERY wrong — but that’s what makes them fun. So in that spirit, here is my modest offering of just such a survey — a look at your personality based on your favorite gemstone.

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I picked some of the most well-known stones, as well as some that are much lesser known. This is all very unscientific and tongue-in-cheek, and it’s just meant to make you smile. Enjoy!

South Seas pearls gemstones

South Sea Pearls


Okay, pearls aren’t really stones. But they are gems. If you love pearls, you are classy and classic. You are kind and sweet and maybe a little shy. Think of Audrey Hepburn or Jackie Kennedy. Or one of my favorite people, my friend and Interweave colleague, Tammy Jones. I always call Tammy “my pearl girl.”

diamonds gemstones



If diamonds are your favorite gemstone, you sparkle. You shine. You’re a star. You want — and demand — the best. And you deserve it. You are Elizabeth Taylor. You are Marilyn Monroe. And your diamonds? They’re definitely your best friends.

ruby rubies gemstones

Flame Fusion Rubies


Are you a fan of rubies? Then you probably love shoes. Adventure seems to find you, and you’re often skipping down the road to fabulous places. As you travel through life, you meet the most interesting people! You’re loyal to your friends but tough on your enemies. Underneath it all, however, you’re really a homebody.

emerald and diamond ring

emerald and diamond ring


If emeralds are your favorite gemstone, you are wise and mysterious. You’re the kind of person that may hide your true self behind a curtain or a smokescreen. And frankly, you’re kind of a con artist. But you really are kind and helpful. (See “Rubies.”)

jasper gemstones

Polychrome Madagascar Jasper


Love jaspers? You’re earthy and grounded and can be multifaceted. You’re hard to pin down because there are just so many diverse aspects to your personality. You may not sparkle, but you’re a good friend who’s available to everyone who needs you.

Fordite gemstone

Fordite from the Clam Shell


If you’re a fordite fan, you’re sporty! And you’re fast. You have a lot of drive and a lot of get-up-and go. While you steer your own course, you know when to put on the brakes. You like to speed down the road less traveled.

turquoise nugget gemstone

rough turquoise nugget


Turquoise devotees are enigmatic and mystical and spiritual. While you may tend to get blue, you can always have a very colorful personality. And you have a dry sense of humor. Your favorite shiny color is silver.

onyx gemstone cabochon

Onyx cabochon.


Do you lean toward onyx gemstones? Oh, you’re dark! Very dark. But you’re also very deep. You can blend in with the crowd, but you can stand out when you want to. You may be quiet, but you have a lot to say.

leland blue necklace by Betsy Lehndorff

Betsy Lehndorff
And Thereby Hangs a Tail Necklace
Leland blue, fine and sterling silver, epoxy


As a lover of Leland blue, you’re environmentally conscious, and you care about the world around you. You may be hard to get to know, and not a lot of people know you. But once they learn about you, they find you fascinating. (And modest. Oh, so very modest. Guess which gemstone is my favorite? To learn about this awesome stone, see the July/August 2019 issue of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist. Leland Blue is the Smokin’ Stone for that issue, and Betsy Lehndorff created an amazing Leland Blue and cast silver pendant.)

Your Gemstone Personality

So . . . how did I do? Did I nail your personality? Yeah, probably not. But still, when choosing a gemstone, keeping in mind your personality (or the personality of the person for whom you’re choosing it) may definitely help you make the right selection.

For more on these and many other gemstones, check out 100+ Favorite Jewelry Gemstones, a compilation of 10 years of the “Smokin’ Stones” columns from Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist.


Learn more about your favorite gemstones and meet new ones!

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