Want to Learn Chain Maille or Improve Your Technique? Don’t Miss Chain Maille Jewelry FAQs with Karen Karon

Ready to learn something new? If you're looking for an affordable technique that requires little tools and supplies to create stunning, intricate jewelry designs, consider chain maille!

The perfect way to be introduced to chain maille jewelry making is from an expert chain maille jewelry artist, teacher, and author like Karen Karon. Her two chain maille books from Interweave are best sellers, and now she's bringing her expertise to you in an exciting interactive learning environment for Chain Maille FAQs: Essential Information for Successful Chain Maille Jewelry, a live web seminar on Wednesday, July 22, 2015, at 1pm ET.

learn chain maille and scale maile jewelry with Karen Karon

In Karen's live webinar, you'll learn everything from how to make and prepare your own jump rings to the importance of knowing and understanding aspect ratio, plus lots of fun things in between, including various weaves for using scales to make scale maille jewelry, the anatomy of a jump ring, and understanding "spring back" and the "flex text."

If you already know how to make chain maille jewelry, you'll still find so much detailed information in this webinar to make it worth your while. After reviewing the presentation, I see that you'll also learn handy and helpful chain maille tips like how to:

  • get your handcrafted jump rings to close perfectly and troubleshoot when they don't
  • work harden jump rings and the difference between just right and too much work hardening
  • change the way you open jump rings to make weaving in tight weaves easier
  • convert from one wire gauge to another using math
  • choose the best pliers for your hands and your projects and ideas for modifying them for ease and comfort
  • understand unexpected factors that determine jump ring size, like the size of your saw blade
  • prevent marring your jump rings, and more
tips for successful chain maille jewelr making from Karen Karon

Are you ready to learn chain maille jewelry making or to improve your technique with expert tips and instruction? Then get your pliers ready and reserve your spot in Karen Karon's live web seminar, Chain Maille FAQs: Essential Information for Successful Chain Maille Jewelry!

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