Valentine Jewelry: Make a Heart-Shaped Pendant Filled with Resin and Love for Your Sweetie

sunlight reflecting from my car

Wuv, twu wuv. It's that time of year! Every day should be that time of year, but this seems to be the officially designated time to celebrate love and romance. And you can't have either without cute little hearts, right?

I think as symbols go, hearts are right up there at the top of the universally recognized ones: peace signs, stars, crosses, hearts. Since my maternal grandmother passed away, my mom and I often find hearts in unusual places. I think of them as little messages of love from her, so I take photos of them. I know I'm not the only person who does this–I've seen entire books of hearts found in nature–and I love that! Here are a few of my favorites.

heart-shaped opening in the salad dressing lid, ha! heart in the bottom of my Christmas cocoa
 serendipitous heart-shaped eggs! sunlight reflecting on my ceiling
heart in a tomato slice heart-shaped shell on the beach in Louisiana
heart-shaped leaf left by my car heart in the peanut butter!
one of many leaf heart photos I've taken
heart in a frothy beverage

For billions of people all over the globe, hearts are symbols of love, passion, romance, affection–whether you <3 NY or your schnauzer. Like the messages from my grandmother, giving hearts in handmade valentines is one of the sweetest expressions of love, whether you make them with paper doilies, red velvet, or diamonds.


But all valentine jewelry doesn't have to be diamond encrusted and heart shaped. Jennie Milner has created a cute double-walled resin heart pendant that has unlimited possibilities for customization. In her tutorial, you learn to fabricate double-walled pendants (in hearts or any combination of shapes you want) and then fill them with colorful resin. You can also add embedded treasures in clear resin for even more interest and customization. And they don't have to be pendants–you can turn them into key rings, charms, rings, ornaments, and more. So many ways to spread the love!

There's still time to make these classic symbols of love for your sweetie–including your romantic sweetie, a friend, a child or parent or grandparent, a special friend, or your beloved dog walker! Instantly download Jennie's video, Double Wall Heart Pendant, and get started making your handmade valentines right away!

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