Using the Cloud to Save Info for Your Jewelry Selling Business

Ever come across some useful piece of information you want to refer to later? Your best bet may be to store it electronically, in the cloud.

In the current issue of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, I write about remote backups and cloud-based storage systems like Dropbox and Evernote – the idea of storing info so it syncs automatically with all your devices.

Assuming you've followed my advice and downloaded these free tools, here are a couple ways to use them to save time and maximize your productivity.

Grab and stash a screenshot. Let's say you're surfing on your iPad while sitting in a waiting room and you come across an amazing online shop or tutorial. You don't have time to dive in, but you want to access it later.

If you use a Mac, a free app called GrabBox [] will take a screenshot of the web page you're on. Then you can drag it to your Dropbox folder [].

If you use Windows, the Dropbox Screen Grabber will store it there automatically. Either method allows you to take a quick snapshot and stash it, along with the page's web address (or URL). You can access it later from your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or any other device where you've set up Dropbox.

You can take a similar screenshot with Skitch [], then stash it in your Evernote filing system. This makes more sense if you find Evernote [] becoming your fall back organizing system. It makes a good one.

Store business cards electronically. If you've ever returned home from a craft show with a bag full of business cards, you know how elusive those little buggers can be. Just try to find that gem cutter's card when you need it two months later. You can create a paper folder for the show and add it to your bulging file cabinet.

Or, you can take a snapshot of the card with your iPhone using the Evernote mobile app [] and stash it, automatically, in the Evernote cloud – perhaps in a file you've labeled "Gems." Later, when you need those cabs, you won't have to dig through your paper piles to find your cutter contact. In fact, you won't even have to be home. You can pull his card up on your phone or iPad.

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NET PROFITS appears regularly in Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist. Learn more about using the cloud for your jewelry business in "Living in the Cloud," July, 2012.

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