UPDATED: Jewelry Soldering Basics – How to Solder Jewelry: Solders, Flux, Tools & Setup + Make Soldered Stack Band Rings

Soldering is the "gateway" jewelry making technique that will let you take your jewelry designs to a whole new level. Soldering lets you do the seemingly impossible: take two pieces of metal and create one single piece of metal with them. In this introductory eBook about soldering silver jewelry (copper, too!), you'll learn the following from Lexi Erickson, our own Queen of Soldering:

  • essential basic information you will use again and again throughout your jewelry-making lifetime
  • what solder is and how it works
  • what types of jewelry solder are available, what forms they come in, and when to use each one, with convenient reference charts that will make it easy to figure out exactly what you need
  • what flux is for and how to use it to make your jewelry soldering more successful
  • how to set up an area in your workspace that is dedicated to soldering so you can feel confident about working with hot metal, an open flame, and fuel for your torch
  • the specialized terms you'll encounter about the basic jewelry soldering supplies, tools, and pieces of equipment you'll be using in your new soldering station

We've added a bonus jewelry soldering project to get you started: Make simple stack band rings with detailed instructions from Lexi Erickson. Once you've mastered this basic ring soldering technique, you'll be able to make all the silver rings you want!

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