Updated: How to Enamel Jewelry: Expert Enameling Tips, Tools, and Techniques

In jewelry making, enamel is one of the most versatile sources of pure, luscious color-powdered glass you can apply with great precision onto silver, gold, copper, and other jewelry metals. With enamels, you can paint with a broad brush or add minute and elaborate detail to pendants, bracelets, earrings, and more. You can work in rich, saturated tones or in the subtlest of pastels. You can create a world of sharp contrast in black and white or one entirely of shades of gray. You can even mimic the colors of the finest gemstones, but you can also produce hues and patterns you'd never find among the trays of stones at any gem show.

In this fabulous free eBook, Jewelry Making Daily presents How to Enamel Jewelry: Expert Enameling Tips, Tools, and Techniques, you'll find three useful and inspiring guides to making enameled jewelry. In "Enameling," Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist's technique and tool maven Helen Driggs answers the question "What is enamel?," shows you what's in a metalsmith's enameling tool kit, and explains some basic enameling rules of the road. In "21 Enameling Tips," Helen shares 21 top tips from Marianne Hunter, Amy Roper Lyons, Karen L. Cohen, and Marjorie Simon-four of the most accomplished enamellist jewelers working today! And in "Enameled Filigree Beads," Pam East walks you through a simple technique of torch firing enamel onto a premade bead using a torch instead of an enameling kiln. The enamel adds color to the bead, while the silver filigree creates the look of delicate cells like those in cloisonné enamel work.

Updated: In the revised free enameling eBook, we've added a new project by Helen Driggs, a torch-fired enamel medallion necklace!

Whether you're just exploring jewelry enameling for the first time or have been enameling jewelry for years, Jewelry Making Daily's How to Enamel Jewelry: Expert Enameling Tips, Tools, and Techniques is sure to teach you something new about one of the jeweler's most exciting and colorful techniques.

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