Unique Ear Wires: Make Earring Findings in Minutes

Karen Dougherty, author of Metal Style: 20 Jewelry Designs with Cold Join Techniques, shared these step-by-step instructions for creating uniquely shaped ear wires. Use them with your own earring designs or with her bonus riveted flower earring project.





1. Cut two 4″ pieces of 20-gauge half-hard sterling silver wire for the earring findings. Bend a loop in one end. 2. Reposition your pliers and bend the wire in a figure-eight shape (without overlapping in the middle). 3. Reposition the pliers again and bend the straight tail end of the wire.
4. Use two pairs of chain-nose pliers to bend the first loop so it’s perpendicular to the second loop. This will be the catch for earring wire. 5. Bend the tail around to form a loop. Grasp the end of the tail with the largest part of the chain-nose pliers and bend outward. This will help anchor the wire in place while it’s worn. 6. Bend the end of the wire to tweak it into shape.

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