U.S.A. Arizona Kingman Turquoise

Here is a beautiful cabochon of old stock, high grade, stabilized Kingman turquoise from Arizona. This cabochon has shades of deep blue-green with a golden matrix. Faint spider webbing capture the imagination and make this cabochon truly special. This cab has a “freeform” shape, and a bright polish front and back. Note: Most turquoise is treated in some way. Stabilization may help, durability, the resistance to certain chemicals, oils and perfumes, it also helps resist color fading. This turquoise is not color treated or dyed. redskygems.com

Size: 40.39 mm x 21.50 mm

Dome: 4.72 mm

Carat Weight: 28.81 ct.

SKU: 1789

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