Two Ears, Two Colors Chain Maille Earrings by Kylie Jones

4-in-1 chain maille earrings, one with a pink and one with a green tourmaline bead

By Kylie Jones

The amazing architecture of the Church of the Resurrection in St. Petersburg, Russia, served as my inspiration for these earrings. The shape and textures remind me of that magnificent building with its distinctive onion domes, while the differently colored stones reflect its gorgeous diversity.

Skills: Chain maille


sterling silver jump rings
20g AWG (0.8mm) 1/8″ (3.11mm), 72
18g AWG (1mm) 9/64″ (3.7mm), 4
sterling silver wire 20g AWG (0.8mm) for ear wires, 5.5″ (14cm)
sterling silver flat headpins 22g AWG (0.6mm), 2″ (5cm), 2
3mm assorted sterling silver beads, 6
tourmaline faceted rondelles 9-10mm x 5mm, 2


Flat nose pliers, 2 sets; round nose pliers; chain nose pliers, 2 sets; wire cutters; mandrel to make ear wires; hammer and steel block or tumbler to work-harden ear wires

Kylie Jones is a jewelry maker from the Sunshine Coast, Australia. She loves chain maille because it is low tech and has infinite possibilities. More of her designs can be seen at


See this and more in the July/August issue of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist!


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