Studio Notes: Tucson Show Guide Made Easy on Your Phone

This year’s new Tucson Show Guide is incredibly easy to read and is packed with so much information, it is the size of a phone book. Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist managing editor Karla Rosenbusch emailed me a link to a digital copy so I could review it. I figured if I could pull it up on my computer, I could pull it up on my smartphone.

Voila! A phone-friendly guide and maps to every venue, and it’s all searchable. I can even click on some of the websites and email links in the display ads, to get more information before I shop.

You can download the guide for only $9.99 to your smartphone and other mobile devices.

inside the Tucson Show Guide

a look inside the Tucson Show Guide

Betsy Lehndorff has been writing for Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist since 2010. Watch for her stories in the March/April issue on educational grants and wax carving with Kate Wolf.

Learn more about all of the gemstone and jewelry goodness that is Tucson on our extensive Tucson Show page, and get the 2018 Tucson Show Guide in the Interweave Store!

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