Top Wire Tips: Six Reasons to Love the Newest Easy Wire Magazine

Since I've become such a fan of wire jewelry making, I've gotten hooked on finding great wire tips. I find myself sharing favorite wire jewelry tips over and over, such as the cool tip for making ear wires using a Sharpie marker as a mandrel or marking your pliers (also with a marker) to make perfect wrapped loops in the same size, every time.

With A Twist by Erin Strother

Naturally I got super excited when I saw the newest Easy Wire special issue, because it's always packed with great wire tips. It was hard to do, but I limited myself to only these six wire jewelry-making tips from Easy Wire–enjoy!

Modeling Mango by Kerry Bogert

1. Take the following precautions when using liver-of-sulfur: keep it away from acids, wear gloves to avoid contact with skin, and work in a well-ventilated area since the fumes are toxic. Store both liquid and chunk forms of liver-of-sulfur in tightly sealed light- and airproof containers.

2. When using a metal file, push the file against the wire end, then lift and repeat. Do not file back and forth.

Rainy Day by Michelle Mach

3. Choose pliers with a box joint (they should be labeled as such). Box joints maintain the alignment of the pliers' jaws, even when under stress.

Laced Wire Bangle by Ndidi Kowalczyk and Cynthia Deis

4. Take good care of your pliers and cutters. Do not use them to cut gauges of wire heavier than they were meant for (the packaging should tell you this information) and do not use them to cut steel wire-it will ruin your cutters.

5. When making coils, work close to the end of the mandrel, sliding the coil back as you near the end. Make sure each successive coil is right next to the one before it, leaving no gaps. Applying tension as you wrap will help with consistency.

Pearl Crush by Shannon L. Schmid

6. If you decide to make your own ear wires, half hard wire is best. But if you only have dead soft wire on hand, you can work-harden it by hammering it a few times with a hard plastic or rawhide mallet.

All that, plus dozens of jewelry projects (over 70!), including 24 make-your-own-earrings projects, a look at the six essential tools for jewelry making (do you know all six? I didn't!), great wire and wirework basics to refresh your memory, a bonus article about patina and texture for wire jewelry, and an article with 25 more great wire jewelry-making tips! Download or order your new Easy Wire now!

BONUS: Did you see Eleanore Macnish's tip for making perfect (fast!) ear wires? It's the tip of the year! 

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