Top 5 Tips for Designing Jewelry Lines That Sell!

I’m excited to announce a new eCourse series here in Interweave-land. All you jewelry peeps talked and we listened! Drum roll please…The Interweave Art Business Series! You asked for more on developing your jewelry style and how to sell it! Whether you come from a fine arts professional background or have simply made way more jewelry than your family and friends could ever wear and it’s time to start selling your work — this series is for YOU! Carolyn Edlund found time in her busy schedule and popped into the Interweave studios to film a new course in the Interweave Art Business Series: Designed to Sell – Developing Your Signature Style as a Jewelry & Craft Artist with Carolyn Edlund

Top 5 Tips for Designing a Jewelry Line That Sells!Carolyn Edlund is an entrepreneur, writer, speaker and art business consultant. Her background includes owning a production ceramic jewelry studio for twenty years, selling her products into over 1,000 retail accounts during that time, as well as selling retail to the public. Subsequently, she was an outside sales rep for the largest art publisher in the world, earning a “Rep of the Year” award.

In 2009, she founded, which was recognized as a “Top 10” art blog by Art Business News. She has been the Executive Director of the Arts Business Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to professional development since 2011. In that capacity, she speaks at business workshops for artists in the US and abroad.

Carolyn’s vast experience is very valuable and I’m so glad to be able to share her top 5 tips!

Carolyn’s Top 5 tips for designing a jewelry line that sells!

1. You need a cohesive collection
If you have a jewelry line that is all over the place, it’ll be more confusing than compelling.

Top 5 Tips for Designing a Jewelry Line That Sells!

Laurie Leonard jewelry

2. You need to know who you’re designing for
Know who your customer is! If you think you’re designing for everybody, you’re probably designing for NOBODY.

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3. Create a Signature Look
If your work is generic or could easily be confused for imports, you’ve got a problem! You need something in your work that allows your inspiration to shine through. That’s what will make your work collectable!

4. Listen to your customer
It’s so important to get out there face-to-face, because your customers will tell you what they love and what they don’t like so much. Understand your customer and they will tell you what you need so you can adjust your designs going forward.

Top 5 Tips for Designing a Jewelry Line That Sells!

Bob Edlund and Brenda McMahon

5. Keep designing!
You’ve got to keep designing because your customers will always want to see what’s new! I encourage designers to present 30% new work each year. That will keep your creative juices flowing, keep you in the studio, and keep your customers happy, too!

Get a sneak peek with Carolyn’s video!

Hopefully Carolyn’s list jumpstarts you on your designing journey. Be sure to check out her eCourse: Designed to Sell – Developing Your Signature Style as a Jewelry & Craft Artist with Carolyn Edlund.



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