The Importance of Being Sketchy: Capturing Jewelry Ideas in Drawings


In spite of all the "to do" lists I made before heading out to Tucson last month, I still managed to forget two very important things: my toothbrush and my sketchbook. Fortunately the hotel's store had toothbrushes (somehow I managed to remember to bring my own toothpaste), but I was lost without my sketchbook. Even on the trip out there, I found color combos in the Texas desert that I wanted to remember and needed my colored pencils to get them just right. Going through a few days in Tucson, among all those gorgeous gems and jewelry designs, made me realize how important my sketchbook is to me, and these posts from the Jewelry Making Daily archives are a good reminder to myself and hopefully to you about the value of getting those brilliant ideas down on paper before they're gone.

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Whether you use your sketchbooks as visual diaries, rely on them to help you work out a jewelry design on paper before beginning with materials, or simply use them to capture your jewelry-making ideas as they fly through your mind–no matter why you use sketchbooks, I encourage you to use them! And if you worry that your drawing skills aren't where they should be (which most of us do), practice to better render your designs. A copy of Drawing: The Complete Course will help you do just that!


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