The Dragonfly’s Dell Necklace

Cold and frosted over with icing sugar, the garden looked so pretty and magical, bringing fanciful thoughts to mind – and a degree of yearning for spring and the promise of summer and warmth. I thought I'd make a dragonfly – my first attempt at it, and once I'd shaped the wire and made the dragonfly, had to decide what to do with it. There was no particular design in mind – just the dragonfly that I had and a few lengths of wire woven leaves. Just at this point, I stumbled across a poem written by a woman who calls herself Susie – published in – this is how it goes
The Dell
Down past my garden, underneath the trees,
There is a place of magic that no-one ever sees,
A little grassy clearing, plain at ones first sight;
But if you take the time to see, you shall find delight.
If you come to see this place, take heed: 
you've found the Dell.

And so was born the idea of the Dragonfly's Dell. I know that dragonfly's are attracted to water, so there had to be an element of blue in the necklace, and I found some beautiful cobalt blue Cat's eye beads in my stash that I had forgotten about. 

Silver plated copper and copper wire,

Blue cat's eye beads to resemble water and wire leaves over which the dragonfly appears to hover, Czech glass beads on the dragonfly's wings and Swarovski crystal. Meant to wear over a T-shirt or dress, easily fits an18 inch neck but fully adjustable – just increase the gap in the front – an open collar!

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