The ABC’s of Organizing Your Craft Space

Between all the tools, wire, and countless other supplies, we jewelry artists certainly have our work cut out for us when it comes to keeping stuff neat and organized. But organizing your craft space is easier said than done. Maybe you’ve reluctantly realized your studio isn’t exactly in pristine condition and you’re ready to take the necessary steps to create a more organized space…but where do you start?

jewelry studio organization

Organizing your space by product will help to clean up craft clutter.

Doing a complete overhaul on your craft space may certainly feel like a daunting task, to say the least. It’s a big job, so the best place to start is small–otherwise, you may be running for the hills (or hiding under a blanket in your bedroom) sooner than you think.

mobile-craft-center-go-organize sells an assortment of products
designed to help keep craft clutter at bay,
like this Mobile Craft Center

Liz Byrne, a professional organizer (yep, there’s a job for that!) and owner of Alchemy of Order in Louisville, CO, suggests organizing your stuff by how frequently you use it. Ideally, you should divide your workspace into three areas:

  1. The items you use the most frequently, like pliers, hammers, soldering supplies, files and other hand tools, should be nearest to you in Space A. By putting these items within arm’s reach, they’re easy to access and ready to use immediately. This also makes your supplies easier to return to their proper place, which helps keep clutter at a minimum in your work space.
  2. The stuff you sometimes use but not all that much, such as enameling and resin supplies, gemstones, tumblers, kilns, and other machines and heavy equipment should be accessible to you in Space B. You’ll still want to keep these things where you can see them and easily access them, but perhaps not right next to you as you’re working.
  3. Space C can be considered your storage space. Think important business files, clay supplies, carving and casting supplies, specialty items like stone-setting pliers and other lapidary equipment, and wire drawplates–things for techniques you might rarely do.
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Now that you’ve learned your ABCs of organizing, there are some organizational tools out there to help you on your journey to a more clutter-free lifestyle. sells an assortment of products designed specifically for your A, B, and C spaces to help you stay on track and keep your sanity. Here are just a few examples:

    • To keep your Space A tools organized and readily accessible, check out this handy Revolving Organizer, which is a great spot for pliers, pens and pencils, and other supplies you frequently use. We also love these peg boards, which you can mount on the wall in front of you for easy access to your hammers and other hand tools. You can even bring Space A to wherever you’re crafting using the Mobile Craft Center!
    • For your Space B stuff, check out these magnetic canisters that attach to a hanging memo board. These would be great for securely storing your gemstones out of the way and keeping your desk space clutter-free. If you’re not able to mount things on a wall, this organizer cube and desktop compartment organizer make easy work of storing a lot of smaller supplies in one place. For bigger items, check out this stackable cube organizer.
    • has a number of handy storage products available for all your Space C needs, like this Mobile Storage Center. Anything with the word “mobile” in it definitely wins some points with me, because it saves me from doing any sort of heavy lifting!

I hope these suggestions help you feel more at ease about organizing your craft space. We’d love to hear about your own organizational successes (or blunders)–share your personal organization tips and tricks in the comments below. Happy organizing!





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