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Many of you have told me that you value our eBooks, video tutorials, and webinars for learning all the jewelry-making skills you want to learn because you don't have classes available near you. We heard you! Now I'm pleased to introduce Craft University, our newest resource for learning in-depth jewelry-making skills from anywhere you live. The interactive Craft University courses are truly the next best thing to having one-on-one live instruction with an expert jewelry artist–because that's what you'll get, just virtually, online–and our first jewelry-making Craft University course is coming July 22.
One of the first Craft University offerings is a course in setting faceted stones–including prong settings, bezel settings, and flush settings–taught by jewelry artist Ann Cahoon.
Ann is a goldsmith and metal fabrication teacher from the northern Massachusetts area. She earned a BFA in Metalsmithing and Jewelry from the Maine College of Art and later completed the Jewelry Making and Repair course at Boston's North Bennett Street School, so she knows jewelry from both sides–creating masterpieces and fixing whatever might go wrong along the way.
With Ann's expert guidance, you'll receive a lesson in stone setting and have time to complete a task before direct review and interaction with Ann again that will help you achieve the goals set forth in this class. You'll work with Ann back and forth for two weeks in a total of 6 lessons, each providing a chance for direct instructor feedback on your progress so far and clear, detailed instructions for your next steps. You'll receive a tool and supply list in advance so you'll know what you need to have for each lesson and can be prepared to learn.
Seats are limited, and the course begins on July 22, so register now for a chance to learn the three most common types of stone setting from an expert instructor.

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