Stylish, Quick, Easy, Fabulous: Get Holiday-Ready with 120 Wire Jewelry-Making Projects

I saw a meme on Facebook the other day that said something about 10 Fridays until Christmas. That’s 10 weekends to make jewelry for gifts! But what to make?

In addition to making jewelry for holiday gifts for my own friends and family, I’m also considering doing my first holiday craft show next month. While thinking about inventory and booth displays, I’ve been running through jewelry designs in my mind. I’ll have my own signature pieces of course, but I want something for everyone in this first booth, so I’ve been looking for quick but high-quality, statement-making earrings that I can make in multiples that don’t look like they were made in multiples.

I want each one to be unique and completely handmade, simple but elegant to appeal to a broad audience as a gift idea, and quick enough that I don’t have to charge a fortune for it. Here are two of my current frontrunners–Shelby Foxwell’s Turtle Bay lampwork glass and silver wire earrings and Julie Miller’s Ear Wire Evolution elegant one-piece silver ear wires featuring lampwork glass beads (or maybe I’ll do gemstone beads?).

Shelby Foxwell's Turtle Bay earrings and Julie Miller's Ear Wire Evolution ear wires

Speaking of gemstone beads, I have entirely too many in my stash and it makes a lot of sense to liquidate them in jewelry gifts that I can make easily but offer at a higher price point. The beauty of gemstone beads goes without saying, and genuine gemstones say quality and value to potential buyers. The issue I often encounter, being the gem geek that I am, is that I think the gemstone beads are so beautiful on their own–so I like to use them in simple designs and let the gems show off. That means I just need a beautiful handmade clasp to turn all my gemstone beads into eye-catching, valuable gifts. I foresee making lots of Martha Aleo’s Clasp-tastic wire hook clasps and S-clasps (below).

Martha Aleo's wire coiled Clasp-tastic wire hook and S clasps

I generally shy away from trends, but it wouldn’t be so wise to avoid popular jewelry trends entirely when selling jewelry to the public in a show booth, would it? So I’m going to be sure to include a selection of popular bangles and cuff bracelets. I’m making lots of leather bracelets for gifts this year, but I don’t get a lot of studio time these days, so I want to make some wire bracelets that I can work on from anywhere–maybe even while watching TV. I love the feel of forming annealed copper or silver wire with my bare hands, almost like the wire jewelry version of doodling, so I’m going to “doodle” some wire bracelets inspired by Dia Daniels’ Sidewinder wire cuff (below).

Sidewinder wire coiled cuff by Dia Daniels

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