Strung, Wired, Knotted, Braided: Make Stylish Wrap Bracelets Using Hemp, Leather, and More

Even though the price of silver is down a little right now, I had a “that’s all I get?” moment when I received an order of silver supplies recently. My hundred bucks didn’t go very far, and it got me to thinking about other, more budget-friendly supplies that I need to think about using more often.

make wrap bracelets

I’ve bought a lot of sari silk ribbons recently, but they just sit and look pretty on my desk, so far. Every time I see photos of Lorelei Eurto’s new bracelets and necklaces, I’m reminded that I want to start using organic-looking cords similar to those she uses in some of her pieces–maybe hemp or thin strips of raw silk. She can make a simple knot look like a really cute design element when paired with a well-curated selection of artisan beads, and for someone who works with wire and metal all the time, that seems like a refreshing way to mix things up a bit.

wrap bracelets that convert to necklaces

I’ve also been looking for fresh, “every girl” ways to use more pearls in my jewelry designs, instead of just hoarding them like a squirrel getting ready for winter. I found inspiration for using all kinds of cording as well as my beloved pearls (and some other fun crystals I rarely get to play with) in Keiko Sakamoto’s new book DIY Wrap Bracelets. It even includes some coordinating necklace, ring, and earring projects, as well as some necklaces that convert to wrap bracelets for double wear.

knotted pearl wrap bracelet with matching earrings

The jewelry in this book is knotted, braided, and otherwise coerced into colorful reminders of summertime fun, like friendship bracelets that once tied on had to wear off on their own; anklets with a bell or favorite charm because a necklace and two wrists full of bracelets wasn’t enough–we had to get our ankles involved as well; and trading cord jewelry with friends made at camp, the beach, or grandma’s house.

braided modern friendship bracelets with button closures or charms

The bracelets and other projects (25 in all) in Keiko Sakamoto’s new book, DIY Wrap Bracelets, are made using hemp string, silk cord, leather lacing, even embroidery floss, which comes in a gazillion beautiful colors, and a variety of beading threads–all of which are affordable materials that you can find at any craft store. They’re also interesting, fresh materials if you’re used to working mostly with metal and wire like I am. So why not give your wallet and your hammers a break and try something new? Order DIY Wrap Bracelets and you’ll have an armful of fashionable wrap bracelets in no time. You’ll also learn all about clasps and which are best for different kinds of bracelets, as well as how to make your own unique closures using buttons, and if there’s a jewelry supply I love (almost) as much as pearls, it’s buttons!

wrappd crystal bangles

Bonus: When you pre-order the book, you’ll get the eBook free to enjoy right away, so you don’t have to wait for the book to arrive!

P.S. Wrap bracelets are also ideal for teens, because they require few tools, the techniques are safe, and who loves to wear loads of colorful, fashionable jewelry more than teen girls? Some of the projects in DIY Wrap Bracelets are suitable for guys, too! Making these projects would be a great way to spend an afternoon with a special kid in your life.


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