Stop Traffic at Craft Shows: Boost Your Jewelry Business with Fun, Creative, DIY Jewelry Bars that Customers Love

Recently at craft and art fairs, the booths I see with the most buzz, with the most customers hovering to get a peek, have been the DIY jewelry booths. Customers seem to love the opportunity to look through all of the charms and pendants and then choose their own chains to make necklaces and bracelets. There’s a chance another customer could choose the same charms or pendant you choose, but it still feels like you’re building your own one-of-a-kind jewelry, and ladies love it.

“With so much creative fun in one place, jewelry bars absolutely stop traffic at craft shows,” says Anne Potter, creator of our back-by-popular-demand power session, Jewelry Mixology: Boost Jewelry Fair Sales and Traffic with a Made-to-Order Jewelry Bar. And jewelry bars aren’t just exciting, hands-on fun for customers–they’re also lucrative for sellers like you!

learn to create make and take DIY jewelry bars at craft shows to boost your jewelry business

With Anne, you’ll learn how to boost your jewelry business and show sales when you:

  • set up an attractive, buzz-worthy jewelry bar with props and containers
  • stock jewelry-making elements so customers can create their own “make and take” jewelry
  • assemble popular elements that work well together to maximize sales
  • create jewelry bars that are stimulating, accessible, creative, and fun
  • provide a way for jewelry-making novices to dip their toe in jewelry making and create their own pieces

Who hasn’t seen a necklace and wished the chain was different or loved the chain and wish the pendant was more your style? The solution is custom jewelry, and customers love it. Don’t miss your chance to learn to create your own DIY jewelry-making bar in the Jewelry Mixology: Boost Jewelry Fair Sales and Traffic with a Made-to-Order Jewelry Bar with Anne Potter power session March 7-11. The week-long course will focus on how to make jewelry bars a fun, creative experience–as well as a lucrative one for your jewelry business. Reserve your spot now!

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