Stamping Personalized Gifts: Metal Stamped Jewelry Perfect for Baby Gifts and More

All of the editors on the jewelry team are super excited about a new arrival: a baby is on the way! Mallory Leonard, associate editor for Step by Step Wire Jewelry, is our soon-to-be new mom, so we took advantage of this opportunity to think about metal stamped baby-related jewelry and gifts.

"With my first baby on the way in three weeks or so, I've spent lots of time this past year perusing baby-tastic DIY ideas," Mallory says. "When I saw Step-by-Step Wire Jewelry magazine editor-in-chief Denise Peck's darling 'Ruby charm' video promoting our fabulous Easy Metal Stamping: Personalized Gift Charms and Jewelry bundle, I immediately thought of the many ways her sweet little project (or a version of it) could serve as the perfect, personalized baby gift." Click below to watch the YouTube video she's talking about.

Metal Stamping for Special Gift Wrap Accents

"Imagine a charm like Denise's with the baby's name stamped on it affixed to the bow atop a baby shower gift, shower favors, or even to a homemade or Etsy-purchased headband," Mallory suggests. "Baby's name is a secret? No problem! There are all kinds of short words that would work well: baby, love, cutie, googoo, or even a heart or two. If you're giving a fun gift to the mom-to-be, how about stamping 'got milk?' or 'hot mama' on the charm?"

Out-of-the-Norm Personalized Baby Gifts

Metal stamped name tag charms are perfect for diaper bags, pacifier clips, bottle bags, Baby's First Christmas ornaments, and more. But Mallory has even more ideas. "Next, my mind jumped to a recent trend where crib makers are offering small, custom metal nameplates on cribs displaying babies' names," she said. "How fun it'd be to make one yourself! A bit of stamping, a little drilling, and voila! Instant nameplate personalization at a fraction of the cost.

"And who can forget baby books? I can easily picture a pretty metal nameplate on the cover of a homemade baby book, and it'd be so easy to stamp out words here and there to add to pages within," Mallory says. Words like "first steps," "first haircut," and more would make great page tabs or accents throughout the book.

"Baby mobiles might be my favorite DIY baby projects to browse," Mallory says. "A little creativity with some string, paper, ribbons and stamped charms would make for an eye-catching focal point in a nursery." Plus it's all handmade, personalized, and one-of-a-kind!

Personalized Jewelry for Mom and Dad

Parents, especially new first-time parents, are so adorable, bursting with pride and love for their new little bundle. New dads wear diaper bags like badges of honor, but how about giving them something a little more stylish and versatile to show off their new status? "Not to be forgotten is customized jewelry for new parents," Mallory says. "Add stamped charms or nameplates plus birthstones to necklaces and bracelets for Mom or on a leather cuff for Dad. Grandma surely would want in on this action, too!" If the new dad isn't the jewelry type, a metal stamped key ring is a great alternative. You can add baby's photo under resin with the name and date or on the back after you've done the stamping.

"With less than three weeks before my baby arrives, I clearly have my work cut out for me!," Mallory says. "I'd better get stamping!"

If you'd like to get the metal stamping kit we used in the video, it's available in the Jewelry Making Daily Shop. It is complete with instructional resources as well as Vintaj blanks, ImpressArt stamps, a hammer for stamping AND a texturing hammer set, a bench block, and a handy tool to protect your fingers and help you stamp better–all in one exclusive kit!

What are your fun ideas for using stamped blanks as charms and in jewelry? We'd love to hear in the comments below!

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