Spring in my Step: Tammy's Favorite Jewelry-Making E-Projects

Tammy Jones editor Jewelry Making Daily  
Tammy Jones is the
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It's nearly 70 degrees and sunny here today, and even though it's still February, I've just been hit with a ferocious bout of spring fever!

My to-do list is a mile long, but it's all going to have to wait, because I'm in the mood for picking out garden plants, taking a drive with the top down, and freshening up my wardrobe in anticipation of spring (even if it's not officially here yet). My creative juices are flowing, too, and I'm ready to make some fresh and pretty pieces for spring events. Mother's Day, Easter, weddings, and porch parties are right around the corner!

So naturally I did some creative searching to see if I could find some projects that feel like spring. . . .

Flowers and bees and seashells, oh my! Here are some of my favorites.


No other gemstone says spring like peridot! Its fresh, bright greens make it the symbol of growth and rejuvenation, when plants and flowers come to life and mountains gradually turn from the brown of winter to bud-filled greens in spring. Elanore Macnish's Paper, Resin, and Peridot Pendant features a floral and leafy motif to further its spring-y feeling. Turn your wirework, soldering, and resin skills into this fresh piece for your spring wardrobe!


Ah, my beloved metal clay! You've never looked so fresh and springy. It's no secret that I love metal clay and flowers, so Jessica Beels' Beautiful Boughs project is high on my list. There are so many possibilities for making this project your own. You can make leaves in any type or color, flowers of any type or color, all leaves or all flowers or some of each, and make the branches longer for a bolder statement. Be inspired by all the variety of a real garden and go for it!



Flowers, bees, honey. . . This cheerful, nectar-colored bracelet combines all the classic symbols of spring into one pretty bauble! Stringing Editor Danielle Fox's All Abuzz bracelet cleverly places the focal bead next to the attention-getting clasp to double the impact of both pieces.

  Here's one for you, my glassmaker and lampwork-glass friends! When I look at these sweet flowers, I think of the scene in You've Got Mail when Meg Ryan's character talks about liking daisies because they are the happiest flowers. Aren't Ginny Sycuro's glass Layered Flower Beads the happiest little flowers? The bright colors make them ideal for any kind of jewelry–or even to add a touch of spring all over the house.



I want to go to the beach every day (truly!), but this time of year, I positively crave the seashore! Anything sky blue, ocean green, sandy beige, and puffy-cloud white catches my eye and makes me think of being by the sea–so naturally Linda Jones's wirework Shell Brooch makes me want to dip my toes in the water and find pretty abalone shells full of color just like this one. I'd love to try it with iridescent, pearlized wire.

One of the fastest ways to make a fun new piece of jewelry for spring is to make a wire ring. This project is three times as fun and stylish because it features three silver wire ring projects in one, all by Marie Carter. So you can quickly and easily make a new ring for every pretty new spring dress you want! Two of the designs look like flowers, and the third is a heart–that sounds like spring to me!

That should be enough to get you started! Find some great spring-inspired projects of your own–but hurry, because there's an e-project sale in the Interweave Store now through February 23! And be sure to let me know what you make in the comments below–I'd love to see!

P.S. I just realized a fun feature about the Interweave Store. When you find a project you like, click on the name of the designer (it's in blue), and you can see all of their projects in the store. It's a great way to see more work of a designer whose style you like. Sweet!

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